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Host Rota
Stand-by/Host System

Stand-by/Host System

  • A revised Stand-by system is to start in January 2016
  • The stand-by system is beneficial for all manner of reasons as it allows all visitors & members to attend the club in the full knowledge that they will be guaranteed a game of bridge
  • The Stand-by system is available on the following sessions: Sunday Evening; Monday Afternoon; Monday Evening; Tuesday Morning; Tuesday Evening and Wednesday Evening. Please Note: there is currently no Stand-by system on the Wednesday Afternoon, Thursday Evening or Saturday Evening Sessions.
  • As voted at the AGM, it will be a condition of membership that ALL full members go on the Tuesday evening stand-by list. (It is expected that this will currently be every 18 months – 2 years for each member.)
  • The stand-by list will be posted in the club and on the web site.
  • It is up to each member to check when they are on stand-by and initial the list to show they have seen it.
  • Any member who cannot attend their stand-by session has the option to swap, or get someone else to do it, but it is their responsibility to arrange this.
  • Exceptions to being on stand-by can be made for unusual circumstances. A committee member can provide details of this.

When you are on Stand-by, or wish to use the system, you need to be at the club by 7:15 on the Tuesday evening in order to be seated by 7:25 so that the director can organize the movement. If you are on stand-by and two people turn up then they will play together and you will be free to leave. If your usual partner wants to come, it would be as if they had come to use the stand-by system, and if another player comes then you would go home and your partner would play with them.

A stand-by member will not pay for the evening's play: if they do not play, they will get a voucher for a free session to be used on any of the sessions held on Monday Evening, Tuesday Evening, Wednesday Afternoon, Thursday Evening or Saturday Evening. Please ask the director for your voucher before leaving.

Please be aware that members have different levels of experience. Whether you are a stand-by player or have come to use the system, you should enjoy the evening with your new partner.

November 2015
Normal Host Rota
Permanent hosts
Sunday evening: Des King / Clive Wood
Monday afternoon: Des King / Clive Wood
Monday evening: Margaret Wilkinson / Bob Whittle
Tuesday morning: Des King / Clive Wood
Wednesday evening: Des King / John Gooch / Clive Wood
First Thursday evening each month:   Clive Wood

Tuesday Evening Host Rota 2017

January February March April
3 Jean Rosser 7 Sandra Gray 7 Mary Finch 4 David Braithwaite
10 Steve Fanning 14 Mike O’Leary 14 Lynn Hayes 11 Pat Holleron
17 Competition 21 Gordon Summers 21 Brenda Welsby 18 Lesley Burton
24 Bridget Gray 28 Steve Braddock 28 John Sweeney 25 Competition
31 Kath Yates            
May June July August
2 Margaret Elmer 5 David Antill 4 Syd Durrant 1 John Elmer
9 David Rigby 13 Jim Dewey 11 Bob Whittle 8 Ruth Blakeman
16 Des King 20 Audrey Price 18 Edward Crews 15 Pamela Rothwell
23 June Holland 27 Ilsa Farrimond 25 Joan Prescott 22 Christine Marlow
30 Di Seabrook         29 Judith Ryding
September October November December
5 Wendy Booth 3 Eileen Bryan 7 Margaret Holliday   No Stand-by
12 Sharman Fanning 10 AGM 14 Joan Diggles   in December
19 Clive Wood 17 John Gooch 21 Competition    
26 Competition 24 Alwyn Jeffreys 28 Robert Palmer    
    31 Paul Mercer        


Please initial your name on the sheet in the club to acknowledge that you have read this and that you know the date you are responsible for on the rota

Joan Prescott - Dec 2016

PLEASE NOTE - It is the responsibility of each member to find a replacement if they are unable to attend on the night.