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Thursday Standby

There will be no standby on the first Thursday of the month for the forseable future due to illness.

The new standbye List for 2018 is now on the notice board. Please inital when you have read it and feel free to swap with other members if it is not a convenient date for you (with their agreement).

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14th Dec 2017 13:59 GMT
Xmas Party 2013


And the winner of the 2013 Cheesy Grin Award goes to..........


''Rumour has it that Bridget has dropped an almighty mistake with the amount of people turning up and there will not be enough food to go around this year''


And the race is on!!


.... quickly out of the traps is Tony followed in a close 2nd place by Jean.


Who will be the first to get to that Sherry Trifle?


Bridget laying the Buffet law down


''Now then ladies what is all this rushing round the buffet all about, now get back in line, there is more than enough grub to go round''...............


''Who started this silly rumour anyway''


Who left the bar door open?


''Come on Joan, lets get stuck into all this booze''


Like two naughty schoolboys, Mike and Tony are now busy plotting another rumour of mass disruption.


''Did you know that Bridget is into Mountaineering Mike?'''


Looks like a bit of raffle draw rigging going on here.


'' And the booby prize this year is 75 bottles of that crappy Italian wine our Margaret bought off Del Boy''


So why is Des King looking so worried?







Merry Christmas from everyone at the Wigan Bridge Club, see you all in 2014 for some more bridge fun and frolics.