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Thursday Standby

There will be no standby on the first Thursday of the month for the forseable future due to illness.

The new standbye List for 2018 is now on the notice board. Please inital when you have read it and feel free to swap with other members if it is not a convenient date for you (with their agreement).

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Thursday Standby
22nd Feb 2018 14:21 GMT
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14th Dec 2017 13:59 GMT
Christmas 2016 Photos

Photographs taken during the Christmas festivities in December 2016

Quizmaster Tony Moorhouse

Quizmaster Tony Moorhouse poses the questions


Scorer Steve Fanning

Scorer Steve Fanning reads the evening's bridge results


Christmas Party


Judith Ryding and Win O'Neil

Judith Ryding and Win O'Neil collect their prize


Christmas Party


Christmas Party



Jacob's Table on Christmas Eve