Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Wetherby Bridge Club
Duplimate Rota
Duplimate Rota

Boards can be made up any time after play on Wednesday evening and before the next Monday evening play. The three sets should be ready for the Monday.

Week beginning

Week 1 Helen and Pat
Week 2 Hilary and Val
Week 3 Frank and Janet
Week 4 Steve and Kate
Week 5 Alan Best and Geoff

The weeks begin on a Monday. You are responsible for the boards for the week where the first Monday falls or the second or so on

If you are unable to do your shift please arrange a substitute

Thursday and Friday Rota

Week 1 is when either a Thursday or Friday is the 1st of the Month

Week 1                                   Pauline and Arthur

Week 2                                   Sylvia and Janet

Week 3                                   Liz and Pauline

Week 4                                   Douglas and Margaret

Week 5                                  Jill and Ian