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 Number 6 / October 2017 

Here are the highlights of our schedule. Please read below for more details.

Our October special: Newcomer special package, pay $50 for 3 entries to Supervised Play and 3 entries to either the Newcomer game or the 299er game. 

Hand of the month: we are looking for interesting hands to add to the Bridge Tales section on our website. Please email your submissions to Tim.

Any feedback is most welcome. You will find below more details about the October Schedule and our club news. 

  Club Manager’s Editorial  

Congratulations Mark and Selen! On Friday, September 22, Mark Aquino and Selen Hotamisligil were representing the Westwood Bridge Club in Beijing at the finals of the World Wide Bridge Contest. They finished seventh of 40 pairs.Their score after six sessions was 55.19%. Zhao Haibo and Tao Jianhua of China won the event at 57.92%.
Mark and Selen won their trip to the finals with a 73.15% game in Westwood on Friday evening, June 2. They ranked third of 2,131 pairs who played at 140 clubs in 22 countries.

On Monday, September 25, we removed the Stop cards from our bidding boxes. For more details, see below.

At our PRO-AM dinner, we announced a mentoring program. We all know that one of the best way to improve in bridge is to play with a more experienced partner. We are looking for advanced players who are willing to work with other players to help them learn more about the game. For more details, please click here.


  Club Schedule  

For the October calendar, please click here.

  Saturday Morning Mini Seminars  

We are proud to announce our new Saturday Morning Seminars for intermediate and advanced players. These seminars are offered once or twice a month on Saturday mornings when no local tournaments are being held. 
Our second seminar will be presented by Rena Lieberman on Saturday, October 28 at 9:15 AM. Rena will discuss All Sorts of Doubles
The seminar ends at about 11:15 AM. Our Saturday noon game will follow as usual.
The cost is $25 if pre-registered, $30 at the door. To register please email us at westwoodbridgeclub@gmail.comClick here for more information.


  October Special: three Supervised Play sessions and three Newcomer or 299er games for $50 

Free Plays

Free plays for high scores: we give free plays to players in each stratum who achieve high scores. The qualifying scores are:

Free plays for frequent players: At the end of each calendar month, everyone who played ten sessions or more will receive a free play.

Free play tickets are kept in a box on the bookshelf near the clock.

  Newcomer Activities  

Nearby Tournament Schedule

  STOP Card stopped 

The ACBL will eliminate STOP cards in tournaments on 2018 January 1 and has suggested that clubs eliminate them sooner. We removed the STOP cards on September 25 (coincident with the 2017 Laws coming into effect).

Here’s what’s changed: You may no longer call attention in any way to the fact that you’re making a skip bid. No STOP card. No announcement. The other players at the table should notice that you’ve made a skip bid without any reminder.

Here’s what has not changed: Whenever your right-hand opponent makes a skip bid, you must think for about ten seconds before you make your call. (What you think about is up to you, but you must make it appear to your partner that you’re considering whether to bid or not to bid.)

See Law 16B (pp. 22–23 of the 2017 Laws) for the consequences of “unwonted speed” over a skip bid.


  Contact Information  

Where are we
The bridge club is on the second floor of the American Legion Post 320 (which is behind the Westwood Police Station) at 90 Deerfield Avenue in Westwood. The club is wheelchair accessible .
How to reach us
club phone: 781-329-2476 
club manager’s email: Tim Hill thill75@wesleyan.edu 
Tim’s mobile phone: 781-929-7673 
We will do our best to match up single players, please call ahead if possible. 
Please call us if you might be delayed, even a couple of minutes. 
No need to call to request a stationary table.