Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Westmorland County Contract Bridge Association
Arrangements for the Murray League

The League is a friendly, handicapped Teams of Four competition. It is open to all bridge players in the county, whether or not they are members of bridge clubs.


  • Teams are known by a name they choose themselves.
  • Teams are divided into geographical groups to minimize travelling. There will probably be four groups but this will be decided when the entry is finalised
  • Substitutes are allowed but nobody may play for two teams during the competition.


  • The competition starts with a round robin, in which each team plays each other team in its group home or away. The leading teams in each group then go forward to the final in Keswick in April.
  • Which team is at home and which team away for each match is decided by the League Secretary and notified to the captains in advance, together with the contact details for each team in their area. This information will also be posted on this website.
  • It is the responsibility of the home captain to contact the away captain to to arrange matches at a mutually convenient date and time. Captains must be mindful of the need to spread matches through the season.
    In the round robin, matches are played over 24 boards, twelve per stanza, with a swap over at half time.
  • Matches are generally, but not necessarily, hosted by somebody from the home team, who usually supplies some light refreshment. 


  • Comparison is by imp scoring. If, at the end of 24 boards, the difference between the handicapped scores is two imps or fewer the result is a draw.
  • The winning Captain is responsible for sending the result of the match to the League Secretary. In the event of a tie the home team is responsible for reporting the results.
  • The preferred method of submitting results is through this web site. Failing that, the result may be sent by email or post to the League Secretary or reported by telephone.
  • In the round robin stage, teams score two points for a win and one for a draw.
  • Teams will be ranked according to their points scored.  A two way tie will be settled by the result of the head to head match between the two teams.  Should the teams have drawn (but not tied), the winner will be the one with the higher imps in the head to head.  Should the teams have tied in the head to head, the team with the higher net imp score during the round robin stage will prevail.  Should there be a three or four way tie, the teams will be ranked according to their total imps during the round robin stage.