Spade Heart  Diamond Club
  Individual (for the Westmorland Cup)

This is Westmorland’s Individual event. The winner will be presented with the Westmorland Cup.

The Westmorland Individual event is open to everyone who is a member of a Westmorland club.
You do not need to be a member of the EBU
EBU master points will be awarded at District scale.

Please enter using this form. Entries close Thursday 24 January 2019.
You will then receive an email confirming your entry.
You can pay on the day, but please let a committee member know if you are unable to attend.


  Results 2018

Sunday 28 January 2018
Educational Institute, Arnside

1. Alan Farmer
2. Janice Mitchell
3. Mike Patefield

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  Previous Winners

Westmorland Cup

2017-18     Alan Farmer
2016-17     Ina Gray
2015-16     Alan Farmer
2014-15     Richard Bird
2013-14     Alan Farmer
2012-13     Mike Patefield
2011-12     Alan Farmer
2010-11     Mike Rothwell
2009-10     Alan Farmer
2008-09     Peter Jeffreys
2007-08     Ron Williams
2006-07     Jack Etchells
2005-06     Ina Gray
2004-05     Kath Hendley
2003-04     Wendy Taylor
2002-03     June Buckley
2001-02     Carolynne Farmer
2000-01     Alan Farmer
1999-00     Mark Marshall
1998-99     June Gartside
1997-98     Pat Downes
1996-97     Mary Anne Peden
1995-96     Mark Marshall
1994-95     Peter Ford
1993-94     George Schofield
1992-93     Brian Ellis
1991-92     Babs Matthews
1990-91     Mary Cooney
1989-90     David Strawbridge
1988-89     John Farmer
1987-88     Felicity Kay
1986-87     Alma Parkinson
1985-86     David Strawbridge
1984-85     Peter Brown
1983-84     Robin Stretch