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26th Jul 2018
British Summer Simultaneous Pairs
WMBC 7.00pm
1st Aug 2018
Novice Friendly Summer Challenge.
WMBC 6.45pm
4th Aug 2018
Saturday Supper
WMBC 7.00pm
8th Sep 2018
Saturday Supper
WMBC 7.00pm
9th Sep 2018
WCBA: County Match v Worcestershire
WMBC 2.00pm
19th Sep 2018
WCBA: WPL. Series1. 1 of 5
22nd Sep 2018
Solihull School Parking up to
25th Sep 2018
AGM followed by the 909 Cup
WMBC 7.00
7th Oct 2018
Lunch & Bridge
WMBC 1.00pm
10th Oct 2018
Master Class (Steve Green)
WMBC Room 6 7.00pm
17th Oct 2018
WCBA: WPL. Series1. 2 of 5
27th Oct 2018
Saturday Afternoon
At The Church 1.00
27th Oct 2018
EBU: Premier League
WMBC All Day
28th Oct 2018
EBU: Premier League
All Day
3rd Nov 2018
EBU: Premier League
WMBC All Day
4th Nov 2018
EBU: Premier League
WMBC All Day
6th Nov 2018
WCBA: Mixed Pairs Qualifier ( Within Normal Session)
WMBC 7.00pm
10th Nov 2018
Saturday Supper
WMBC 7.00pm
11th Nov 2018
County Match v Nottinghamshire
15th Nov 2018
Children in Need Simultaneous Pairs
WMBC 7.00pm
Weston Trophy
Weston Trophy

Weston Trophy
The original Trophy went missing and was replaced by John Weston; it was a gift from King Bhumipol of Thailand. It was originally played for as a Teams competition.

1975     Mr R Bryant, Mr M Allen, Mr N Selwyn, Mr R Harris
1976     Mrs B H O’Connor, P V O’Connor, L Levey, P J Baker

1977     Mr B H O’Connor, P V O’Connor, L Levey, M A Porter

1978     Mrs M Armstrong, P Bowles, M Airey, M Allen
1979     J G Pyner, R S Holmes, J E Gooderidge, M Johnstone
1980     Mrs J Fenwick, J Fenwick, N Jones, Mrs E Dixon-Green
1981     Mrs M David, E Armstrong, P Bird, D Crees

1982     A Ottey, Mrs G Burke, D Jones, C Maher

983     Mrs M Armstrong, P Edwards, D Beavon, R Beech
1984     Mrs C Fisher, Mrs J Hall, C J Hall, P Bowkley
1985     Mrs M ArmstrongM Allen, P EdwardsR Bryant
1987     Mrs G MorrisG Morris, Mrs H TownsendJ Robbins
1988     Mrs BirchMr BirchMrs ParkerMr Parker
1989     Mrs E King & P Bower
1990     P Edwards & D Cass
1991     P Edwards & D Cass
1993     Mrs M Armstrong & R Harris
1994     Mrs E Lang & C Lang
1995     Mrs S Watton & J Watton
1996     M Amos & A Knight
1997     Mrs M Armstrong & L Sayer
1998     Mrs S Goldman & P Chapman
1999     S Byrne & J Robbins
2000     Mrs A Bailey & A Bailey
2001     Mrs P Watson & W Hood
2002     A Knight & A Poole
2003     J Robbins & D Kenward
2004     J Robbins & D Kenward
2006     R Bryant & R Langowski
​2007     Mrs E Lang & C Lang
2008     M Bailey & R Wilson

2009     Roger Bryant & David Kenward
2010     Simon Creasey & Ian Handley
2011     Syed Zaki & Mahmood Rehmany
2012     Leslie Reece & Adrian Knight
2013    Tony & Pam King
2014    Tony & Pam King​​

2015     Liz Court & Peter Sloan