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British Summer Simultaneous Pairs
WMBC 7.00pm
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Novice Friendly Summer Challenge.
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Saturday Supper
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Saturday Supper
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WCBA: County Match v Worcestershire
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AGM followed by the 909 Cup
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Lunch & Bridge
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Master Class (Steve Green)
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WCBA: WPL. Series1. 2 of 5
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EBU: Premier League
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EBU: Premier League
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EBU: Premier League
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EBU: Premier League
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WCBA: Mixed Pairs Qualifier ( Within Normal Session)
WMBC 7.00pm
10th Nov 2018
Saturday Supper
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11th Nov 2018
County Match v Nottinghamshire
15th Nov 2018
Children in Need Simultaneous Pairs
WMBC 7.00pm
Hand of the week

This page is available for anyone to add an interesting hand. If you would like to contribute a hand or comment on one here, please feel free to email Roger at

Hand problems are rated for difficulty (C, D, H, S)
Test Hand (Copy)

Nobody really triumphed.Hand played in the WMBC Heat of the Mixed Pairs. Results for N/S ranging from -200 to +1100 but it was a fierce auction. 

Last updated : 7th Nov 2016 11:59 GMT
The Operation Was a Success . .

This hand occurred in the Birmingham pairs league this month. What would you have bid?


With an 11 card fit, 5♣ is probably a good save over their presumed 4 contract. But I spotted an option.

I probably have 2 ♠ tricks and a well placed K. Is there another trick somewhere? Well partner is probably short in ♠, so maybe so . . .

I bid (a forcing) 3♠, and LHO bid the expected 4. Partner duly led the top of his doubleton ♠ and we took the first 3 tricks. Good old partner then led a , and declarer was 1 down.

The operation was a success! Others bid the 5♣ save (one pair even made it!), but other oppos overbid to 5♥.

The patient died.

Last updated : 14th Jan 2014 20:21 GMT
An Unusual Ending

This hand was originally played in an England v Germany match in Beijing. I saw it in the Coventry "International Replay" competition, where competitors play the hands of a past international match, and can compare their results.

South opens 1 Heart and West overcalls 2 Clubs. North bids a 4C splinter, and South Bids 6 Hearts.

The Club Queen is led - how would you play it?


The A is most probably with West, and the ♠Q may well be too.

But if the A is with West you are home!

Win, take out trumps and play 2 more rounds of Clubs, throwing 2  from dummy. The second one loses, of course, but now West is on lead and dummy has a Diamond void.

He has 3 choices -

             a ♠ (gives a free finesse),

             a (sets up the K for a ♠ discard)


             a ♣ (gives a ruff and discard)

all give you the contract.

I managed to play it like this, and was impressed with myself - until East turned up with the Diamond Ace, and I only made 11 tricks.   :-(



Last updated : 14th Mar 2014 18:05 GMT