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The Operation Was a Success . .

This hand occurred in the Birmingham pairs league this month. What would you have bid?


With an 11 card fit, 5♣ is probably a good save over their presumed 4 contract. But I spotted an option.

I probably have 2 ♠ tricks and a well placed K. Is there another trick somewhere? Well partner is probably short in ♠, so maybe so . . .

I bid (a forcing) 3♠, and LHO bid the expected 4. Partner duly led the top of his doubleton ♠ and we took the first 3 tricks. Good old partner then led a , and declarer was 1 down.

The operation was a success! Others bid the 5♣ save (one pair even made it!), but other oppos overbid to 5♥.

The patient died.

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An Unusual Ending

This hand was originally played in an England v Germany match in Beijing. I saw it in the Coventry "International Replay" competition, where competitors play the hands of a past international match, and can compare their results.

South opens 1 Heart and West overcalls 2 Clubs. North bids a 4C splinter, and South Bids 6 Hearts.

The Club Queen is led - how would you play it?


The A is most probably with West, and the ♠Q may well be too.

But if the A is with West you are home!

Win, take out trumps and play 2 more rounds of Clubs, throwing 2  from dummy. The second one loses, of course, but now West is on lead and dummy has a Diamond void.

He has 3 choices -

             a ♠ (gives a free finesse),

             a (sets up the K for a ♠ discard)


             a ♣ (gives a ruff and discard)

all give you the contract.

I managed to play it like this, and was impressed with myself - until East turned up with the Diamond Ace, and I only made 11 tricks.   :-(



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