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2017-2018 Committee

W B C Elected its 25th President  & Committee

at the 24th AGM May 22nd 2017

Full Committee for 2017-18

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Constitution May 2014

At the  2014 AGM

The Club Constitution

Was Amended

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Saturday January 30th, 2016:
Careful Play by Paul Bowyer

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Saturday, January 30th, 2016:
Diamonds, again! By David Bird

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Competition Layout
Competitions Club Night


At our recent Committee Meeting it was decided that the weekly competitions will be divided as follows.  Ideally Competition 1 & 2 will be 9 tables increasing to 10 only in exceptional circumstances. (It may be 7 or 8)


Competition 3 will hold the remainder regardless of rank.

We will have a Tournament Regulator for the year.

Who will decide how many tables in each competition. That will be done soon after 7.15p.m.each evening.

All members of the Club are entitled to play in whatever competition they desire.

If you wish to play in a particular competition it is a matter for you and your partner to be there on time to get a seat. Tables should be filled in numerical order and table 10 will more than likely be in the next competition. There will be no holding of places for players who are not present.

Player should be seated at the latest 7:15 regardless of competition.

We need this time line in order to determine the competition arrangements.  

 Last minute adjustments often result in messed up competitions.

The objective is to play 3 boards per table within a 21 minute timeframe. In that way each player will get to play 27 boards on the night.

Players are asked to put away their chairs at the end of the night.

East West must put away the Table.

Where there are spare tables and chairs those should be put away by players who have finished early.

Tournament Directors should be in place at 7p.m. The schedule of Tournament Directors has now been updated for the next year.  Please note when you are scheduled to run a competition.  If you cannot attend please try and swap with the next person on the list.

Table money should be collected at the table by North as soon as the table fills and before play starts.

When all boards are played at a particular table they should be handed back by North to the next table.

If there is a delay playing the last board then two boards should be handed back.

MLR Regional Teams
MLR Regional Teams

Regional Teams March2nd


1st Overall &  Top Master Team 

Barbara Burke Larry O'Sullivan 

Ann More-O'Ferral  Roisin Troy

Inter A Teams Westmanstown 2nd

Evelyn Blennerhassett Mairead Daly

Arthur McGrail Owen Cummins

Westmanstown 3rd

Michael Fitzgerald John Doyle

UnaGillespie Sheila Ryan