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Westmanstown Bridge Club
Westmanstown Bridge Club


Monday March 19th No Bridge

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Presidents Prize 2018

Presidents Prize Winner

2018 25th Edition


Barbara Burke

Presidents Prize 2018
Presidents Prize 2018

                         2018 - Club Championship Pairs

                        Top Four



1 Joseph Coyne & Tony Smyth 66.66
2 Donek Szenejko & Mary Timoney 61.63
3 Mary & Tomas Roche 60.05
4 Ann Clerkin & Evelyn Ward 58.45

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We Raised €2300


St Francis Hospice Blanchardstown

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Clean Sweep for Ireland

Camrose Trophy – 2017

CONGRATULATIONS to the Irish open team of Tom Hanlon, Hugh McGann, Tommy Garvey, John Carroll, Rory Boland and Mark Moran,
with non-playing Captain, Grainne Barton, who won the Camrose Trophy for Ireland on the March 4/5th  weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland.

  In addition they won all all four of the direct match trophies:

The Joe Moran Trophy – Vs England, Cupa Cairdeas Vs Scotland,Cyfeillon Beiriste Vs Wales, and the Col Walsh Trophy Vs Northern Ireland.

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The meaning of Double – as the name suggest – is to raise the stakes.

If you Double an opposing contract, you win more Points if they fail,

but you concede more points if they succeed.

When Bridge began over a 100 years ago, double was limited to those occasions

where you expected the opponents to fail in their bid.

However, it was realised that you would be most unlikely to be confident enough

to double a low-level suit bid, when partner had not yet spoken.

And that if the opponents happened to have bid, a suit in which you were very strong,

it was far better not to tip them off: rather to keep quiet and wait for them to get into deeper trouble.

In 1912 New Yorker Major Charles Patten and Bryant McCambell

independently invented an alternative meaning for the “Double” – the “take-out double”.

It is believed that this was the first convention in the game

(although it is now so universal that it is rarely thought of as such).

The take-out double – “partner, please take out my double into another suit”

shows an opening hand or better with no other convenient bid:  no suit to overcall,

and an inability to bid notrumps.

To learn more on doubling  contact your local Bridge Teacher or Coach,

or get a copy of Bridge Lessons (Double) by ANDREW ROBSON,

( The above extract is from this book.

BridgeMate Operators
BridgeMate Operators

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Mar 26th Jim Egan
Apr 9th Jim Egan
Apr 16th Tony Smyth
Apr 23rd Bernard Higgins
Apr 30th Blanaid Morris
May 14th Tony Smyth
May 21st Blanaid Morris
May 28th Neil Burke
Presidents Prize Final
2nd Session
1st Session
B Competition
A Side
A11 Mitch 3ds
A12 Relay 2bds
B13 Mitch 2bds
Club Pairs Session 2
Club Pairs Session 1
Club Pairs Final Result
B12 HT Mitch 2bds
A11 HT Rlay 2bds
B11 Mitch 2bds
A9 HT Rlay 3bds
A12 SKIP 2bds
B11 Mitch 2bds
B11 Mitch 2bds
A10 HT Bowman 3bd 9rd
Mon 19th Mar 2018
No Bridge Public Holiday
Mon 26th Mar 2018
Easter Egg Competition
Competition 1: Blanaid Morris
Competition 2: Ger Walsh
Mon 2nd Apr 2018
No Bridge Public Holiday
Mon 9th Apr 2018
Club Benefit
Competition 1: Larry O'Sullivan
Competition 2: Irene McCrone
Mon 16th Apr 2018
Week 33
Competition 1: Sean McNamee
Competition 2: Geraldine Murphy
Mon 23rd Apr 2018
Team of Four (Draw Own Section) Bernard Higgins
Mon 30th Apr 2018
Week 35
Competition 1: Brendan O'Driscoll
Competition 2: Ann Carr
Mon 7th May 2018
No Bridge Public Holiday
Mon 14th May 2018
John Macnamara Trophy
Competition 1: Neil Burke
Competition 2: Tony Smyth
Mon 21st May 2018
Week 38
Competition 1: Evelyn Ward
Competition 2: Una McKenna
Mon 28th May 2018
Competition 1: Tony Smyth
Competition 2: Paul O'Meara
Mon 4th Jun 2018
No Bridge Public Holiday