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 If you are short of a partner then please contact Audrey either via email or on 0151 426 3050.

Welcome to Westhead Bridge Club
Westhead Bridge Club
Westhead Bridge Club

Westhead Bridge Club was originally formed in the mid 1980s.  The name Westhead is historical and derives from one of the club's many previous homes, the Halton Castle Public House in Westhead. For many years now the club has met at its current home in the centre of Ormskirk.  The club has approximately 67 members, usually running 7 or 8 tables of duplicate  on each club night. 

If you are looking for a partner e.g. because your regular one is going on holiday then you can use the message facility on this website.  

Sign in to  Membership then  Member Area (left of this screen) and look at/leave a message.

There are lots of similar goodies on the website.  If you need any guidance then please contact Mike Porter or Willem Wiechers.  
Director: Ron Higham
Scorer: Mike Porter
Director: Mike Porter
Scorer: Willem Wiechers
Director: John Rigby
Scorer: Ian Entwisle