Spade Heart West Hants Bridge School Diamond Club
Student Development


The "5 Steps" of Learning at West Hants Bridge School


"The 1st Step" 

Opening 1 No Trump & Responses

Opening 1 of a Suit & Responses

Simple Declarer Play

Simple Defensive Skills

Re-Bids, and lots more!


"The 2nd Step" 


Strong Opening Bids

Take-out Doubles

Pre-emptive Bidding, and lots more!


"The 3rd Step" 

Declarer Play Skills

Defensive Play Skills

Re-cap of the Key Aspects of Bidding


"The 4th Step" 

Slam Bidding

Doubling of a NT Opener

Exit Transfers

4th Suit Forcing

4-4-4-1 Hands, and lots more!


"The 5th Step" 

The Losing Trick Count

Cue Bidding

Landy & Michael's 

Roman Key Card Blackwood

5 Card Puppet Stayman, and lots more!



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New Players Duplicate

A warm welcome is awaiting you at Local Clubs!

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The Next Beginner's Course starts in the first week of September 2019 - Choose to attend on either Tuesday evenings or Thursday afternoons - Please see below for details of how to enrol . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Congratulations to our Students!

Many congratulations to the following new Students who successfully completed the "Step 2" Course at the end of March:

Mike Airey, Kathy Bolton, Mandy Bray, Pauline Cherry, Alan Clark, Anne Clifford, Christine Corbin, David Craigmyle, Henry Craven, Chris Crossman, Pauline Fisher, Alan Frost, Caroline Good, Don Green, Tony Hargreaves, Katrina Heatley, Richard Henry, Jane Henry, Anthea Hipwell, Brian Hirst, Kay Hirst, Linda Johnson, Annie Ketteringham, Maureen Law, Baron Levine, Trudy Levine, David Marsh, John Meakin, Felicity Meakin, Tony Newman, Serena Newton, Gordon Paterson, Roz Peters, Tony Raybould, Nicky Russ, Tanya Salmon, Paddy Smyth, Pat Snow, Megan Stephenson, Steve Taylor, Roy Tazzyman, Sue Thomas, Jill Totten, Stuart Totten, Anne Williams, John Wilson, Jackie Wilson and Scott Wilson. 

21 other, more experienced, Students also completed the Course as a "Back-to-Basics" Refresher.