Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Late Arrival

If you are running late, call the club on.

01707 333959 

Car Parking

Click Below for list of all registered numbers.

Car Registrations

To add/change a number, or if you receive a parking fine, email

Herts Bridge Association Events

Up and coming HBA events:

Sept-Dec 2018

More details can be found on their website:

Directors / Scorers Page

BriAn Scorer Guide V2 May '18

BriAn Crib Sheet

Pairs Movements WGCBC 

AB Flight Team Moves with BriAn Scoring (Jun'18)

EBUScore Teams and Pairs - Bridgemate Settings

Using Kindle Fires (KFs)

At Start of Session: 

Unplug any fully charged KFs , power them down (press top left button for a few seconds then tap OK), and add to pile to right of charger..

Take KFs from cabinet and if necessary get more from office, and power them up. (only use if >60% charge)

At End of Session

If  > 60% charge power down (press top left button for a few seconds then tap OK) and leave in cabinet

If  < 60% charge put on charge  (note KFs power up automatically when plugged into charger)

Directors / Scorers Rotas

Directors Forum

New Laws of Bridge 2017

EBUScore Pairs Manual v0.2.pdf

EBUScore WIKI Help

Scoring Instructions (EBUScore)

Scoring Parallel Events.pdf

Tuesday Evening C Flight Teams EBUScore Instructions

SIM Pairs Notes

The CiN Sim. Pairs and the Kidney Research Sim Pairs are run by ECats. The results need to be uploaded to both the EBU and Ecats.

On the event detail page the EBU UMS rate should be 06, and you also need to enter the Ecats session no. (Tuesday 14-Nov-2017 it is 5223,  Thursday 16-Nov it is 7521).

Upload to the EBU as usual.  On the same page click the Create Ecats file button, This makes 4 files c.txt, p.txt, e.txt, & r.txt. Then send an email to with the 4 files attached.

Handicapping Notes

Go to the Player Database page and select the Player Management Tab. Check the Strat. and  Handicap by Grade boxes then click Set all Players EBU Details (this will take a minute or so).

Create and run the event as per usual then in the Reports page tick  Ranks + Handicap before printing the Ranking report

In the Internet Functions Page tick the Include Handicaps box before Creating the Bridgwebs File  ( The EBU upload is unaffected)


Scoring Instruction (Scorebridge)

Players EBU MP Ranks and Club Ranks