Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Late Arrival

If you are running late, call the club on.

01707 333959 

Car Parking

Click Below for list of all registered numbers.

Car Registrations

To add/change a number, or if you receive a parking fine, email

Herts Bridge Association Events

Up and coming HBA events:

Sept-Dec 2018

More details can be found on their website:

Need a partner?

If you are looking for a regular partner then please contact Sheila Gabriel: 01707 330342 or email:

If you require an ad hoc partner then you can either use the Find a Partner facility on BridgeWebs, (instructions at the bottom of this page), or contact the following:


Chicago & Cake

Angie Lozanova
07508 934271

Sheila Gabriel
01707 330342


Monday pm

Jill Mumford

Tuesday pm
Sue Neville

Wednesday am
Geoff Butt
01707 893713


Wednesday pm

Jill Mumford

Thursday pm
Trevor Bowles
01707 659408

Monday am & Thursday am
Ken Farraway
01707 251221

Please bear in mind that it is vital to make use of the partnership desk or the online partner request as there is no host system at any of the sessions.

Online Partner Request Facility

(If you want to print out these instructions, there is a Online Partner request.pdf here.)

To use the online partner request facility on BridgeWebs follow the instructions below:

Click on Members Area (left hand side of club website).

Login or create an account following the instructions on the right hand side of the screen.

Once logged in you are taken to the members’ area. At the top of the screen you will see different tabs. Click on Account and set your contact details e.g. email, phone and/or mobile.

Click on the tab Find a Partner and you will see a screen similar to the one shown below.

Select how you would like to be contacted when advertising for a partner. Please bear in mind that these details will be visible on a public webpage. If you don’t wish to have your private email, number etc. shown leave these boxes unchecked and people can obtain contact details via the members’ area or via the club handbook.

Next select the date/s you are looking for a partner by checking the relevant box under Partner Required.

Once you are happy you have chosen the relevant date/session click on Confirm.

When you return to the home screen and look under the calendar for that event you will see a link Partner? If you click on this you will see your details shown. If you are unhappy with these details or you want to cancel/change the request simply log back in and uncheck or alter your preferences.

Online Partner Request Facility