Spade Heart  Diamond Club
Late Arrival

If you are running late, call the club on.

01707 333959 

Car Parking

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Car Registrations

To add a number or for any parking issues email

Latest Landmark Promotions

Congratulations to those achieving new landmark promotions in:

August 2018

Herts Bridge Association Events

Up and coming HBA events:

Sept-Dec 2018

More details can be found on their website:

Beginners and Improvers
Buddy Scheme

The club also runs a Buddy scheme  (see our Buddy Guidelines) where players are teamed up with a more experienced player to give them a chance to get used to Duplicate Bridge. For more details please contact :

Sheila Gabriel 01707 330342

Beginners and Improvers' Evening

Tuesday evening is for beginners and improvers only. Whilst we welcome visitors who are newcomers to bridge, we discourage more experienced players. Only simple ' old fashioned Acol' to level 1 may be played. If you wish to visit and do not have a partner then please ring:

Jane Westoby 01707 326147

Play with an Expert

If you have been playing for about five years or more and would like some tips from a more experienced player we offer you a change to play with an expert.

See our Play with an expert poster, and our Play with an expert guidelines.

The experts who have volunteered for this scheme are:

Sally Bennett

Deborah Berwitz

Tim Butler

Anthony Golding

Bill Gordon

Malcolm Harris

Stephen Jacobs

Phillip Levi

Tony McWalter

For more details please contact Sheila Gabriel 01707 330342