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Vu-Bridge Beginner's Corner

Vu-Bridge (ACOL version)
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Saturday January 30th, 2016:
Careful Play by Paul Bowyer

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Vu-Bridge Hand of the Week

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Saturday, January 30th, 2016:
Diamonds, again! By David Bird

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Competition Winners
Club Competitions

Club Pairs' Championship for the Owen Herbert Trophy

This event was first held during 2008-9 and is played over eight club evenings with the winners being the pair with the highest average score of their best five performances.

Current holders 2016-17  Graham Heal and David Howard

2015-16  Wendy Miller and Sheena Lanham
2014-15  Wendy Miller and Sheena Lanham
2013-14 Anne & Gordon McBride
2012-13 Gina Howard and Caroline Macpherson
2011-12 Gina Howard and Caroline McPherson

The Wells City Cup

Presented by David Wing and competed for for the first time on May 22nd 2012.

Current holders  2017 Eric cummings and Ceri Pierce

2016 Gillian Toogood & Gordon McBride
2015 Wendy Miller & Anne Skinner
2014  Not played
2013 Eric Cummings & Gillian Toogod
2012 Anne & Gordon McBride

Ladies' Pairs

This event is handicapped according to players' annual percentage scores.

Current holders 2016-17 Caroline MacPherson and Katrina Foote

2015-16  Susan Gudgeon and Wendy Miller
2014-15 Jeanne King and Joan Murray
2013-14 Barbara Biggin and Anne Skinner
2012-13 Jean Wright and Heather Vale
2011-12 Glenys Foster and Rosie Shaljean


Men's Pairs

This event is handicapped according to players' annual percentage scores.

Current holders 2016-17   Mike Smith and Andy Ridgers

2015-16 Alan Atkinson and John Staite
2014-15 Derek Essen and Phil Batt
2013-14 Norman Bishop and John Brown
2012-13 Mike Smith and Tony Hall
2011-12 Mike Smith and Mike Readman


Mixed Pairs

This event is handicapped according to players' annual percentage scores.

Current holders 2016-17 Geoff Davies and Wendy Miller

2015-16 Caroline Macpherson and Michael Martin
2014-15 Andy Ridgers & Sheena Lanham
2013-14 Helen and Phil Batt
2012-13 Anne McIlroy and Tony Pink
2011-12 Joan Murray and Richard Gales

Annual Percentage

This trophy is awarded to the player with the highest average percentage over the season having played a minimum of 28 times.

Current holder 2016-17 Gina Howard

2015-16 Gina Howard
2014-15 David Howard
2013-14 Andy Ridgers
2012-13  Sheena Lanham
2011-12 Sheena Lanham

Anne McBride Trophy

To be awarded to the winners of the club's open teams of four event to be held for the first time in 2011.

Current holders 2016-17 David & Gina Howard, Caroline MacPherson and Katrina Foote

2015-16  Alan Atkinson, John Staite, Michael Martin and Tony Woods
2014-15 Andy Ridgers, Sheena Lanham, Barbara Biggin & Wendy Miller
2013-14 Mike Smith, Anne Skinner, Anne & Gordon McBride
2012-13 Anne Skinner, Barbara Biggin, Anne & Gordon Mcbride
2011-12 Sheena Lanham, Tony Russ, Andy Ridgers and Bill Rowe

The Ken Pye Trophy

To be awarded to the highest placed pair in the Chairman's Cup with both members below the rank of Regional Master.

Current holders 2016-17 Malcolm Scard and Susan Gudgeon

2015-16 Caroline Northcott & Rosie Shaljean
2014-15  Simon & Sheena Loveday
2013-14  Alan Atkinson & Mike Readman
2012-13  Simon & Sheena Loveday
2011-12  Jean Wright and Heather Vale

The Chairman's Cup

To be awarded to the winners of a one off pairs' event.

Current holders 2016-17 Anne Skinner and Barbara Biggin

2015-16 David & Gina Howard
2014-15 Eric Cunmings & Gillian Toopgood
2013-14 Di Askwith & Paul St Quintin
2012-13 winners Mike Smith and Wendy Miller
2011-12 winners: Gina & David Howard

The Individual Handicap Tankard

Current holder 2016-17 Vivienne Dalby-Welsh

2015-16 Paul St. Quintin
2014-15  Ros Beach



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