Weak Two Openers


Of all the gadgets that you might add to your system, this is the one that I would include first. 2H and 2S are weak, pre-emptive bids showing a 6 card suit and 5-9 or 6-10 points. Third in hand the range is likely to be much wider because you canŐt pre-empt partner who has already passed and in fourth you will be stronger than usual because there is no point in pre-empting opponents who have already passed.


When vulnerable the suit quality should be good; non vulnerable suit quality may be less good especially if the suit is spades thereby making it more difficult for opponents to locate a heart fit.


When you hold a 6 card suit you can expect partner to hold 2 card support giving an 8 card fit which makes a 2 level contract completely safe regardless of how many points you hold between you.


Like all pre-emptive manoeuvres the quality and texture of your suit is all important. Ideally all your points will be concentrated in your long suit and you should not have more than one defensive trick outside your suit. In this way your partner can best judge what to do in competitive auctions.


You are the dealer:


a)     S KQJT98      b) S 97                                    c) S Q4                        d)   S 92

H 86                    H KQ9865                  H Q65432                     H AQJ985

D 432                   D K94                          D AJ93                          D A3

C 92                    C 32                                        C 7                                C 984



a)     The absolutely ideal weak 2S opener  with excellent trumps and no defensive values at all.

b)    2H. Good suit quality with just a little something outside.

c)     Pass. Poor suit quality and too much defence.

d)    1H. Too strong for a weak 2 and best expressed with a 2H rebid.



Hands c) and d) can be considered borderline 2H openers third in hand when partner has already passed and there is only your LHO to upset!


Responding to 2H and 2S


All raises in your suit are weak and are based only on the number of trumps held i.e. raise2H to 4H holding 4 trumps regardless of points held.

Any change of suit is weak and to play.

Opener will pass any of the above responses

The only forcing response is 2NT which enquires about the quality of the weak two opener.


There are several systems of response to the 2NT enquiry. Perhaps the most widely played is as follows:


3C = lower point range and a poor suit (excluding 2 of the top 3 honours)

3D = lower point range but a good suit

3H = upper points range and a poor suit

3S = upper points range but a good suit.


After this, responder decides where to place the final contract. Opener must not bid again.