David has kindly submitted this hand showing the simplest type of a two suit single opponent squeeze. (Come on – we all enjoy a squeeze!)


You land up as South in 4S after your left hand opponent has bid hearts. An optimistic contract you might think but there are always nine tricks. So how to generate the tenth and vital trick?


North                                                  South

S J3                                                    S AKQT954

H 542                                                  H J6

D AQ5                                                            D J42

C 98542                                              C 3


West leads three rounds of hearts and you ruff the third round. Now what? Note that leading the DJ will not work.


Here is the full deal.


                                                S J3

                                                H 542

                                                D AQ5

                                                C 98542

S T8                                                                                       S 62

H AKQT                                                                                H 9873

D K93                                                                                     D T876

C KQJT                                                                                 C A76

                                                S AKQT954

                                                H J6

                                                D J42

                                                C 3

After 2 rounds of hearts you ruff the third round. Immediately play your C3 won by West who now exits with a trump. Draw two rounds (trumps are 2-2) finishing with the Jack in dummy and ruff a club. Now take the diamond finesse which wins. Ruff a third club, run out your trumps and West will be unable to keep the CK and two diamonds.