You sit south holding S AJ    H Jx    D Kxx    C AJTxxx


Partner opens 1NT (12-14) announced of course and the next hand passes. 14 points opposite partnerÕs opening bid demands game but which game?  I just bid 3NT in the expectation or hope or blind faith that partner would have the gubbins where it was needed. Of course Gordon led a heart. Of course Eric covered our jack and partner was forced to use his only heart stopper,the Ace, following which there was a run on hearts when Eric jumped in straight away with the diamond ace as partner tried to sneak a quick one through whilst the opposition were napping. One down. Both 5C  and 5D make –partner must have had 5 diamonds. But how do you reach the par contract of 5C? – nobody did. 2C is of course

Stayman and we play 3C as an invitational bid which partner may pass. You could transfer to clubs via 2NT and then bid hearts or spades at the three level which would be forcing and show a good club suit plus a 4 card major but in this case partner may decide to support your non existent major which would be a pity so thatÕs not a very good idea either.


How about 1NT-2NT (transfer to clubs)



I think that would show game points with a good club suit but it doesnÕt help here.

In the end I think you close your eyes, bid 3NT and hope for the best. You give the opposition no information and they may not make the optimum lead. ThatÕs unless they are playing against us when they will inevitably get it right. CÕest la vie.