This hand occurred on Friday in the County League.


                                          S KJ873

                                          H A87654


                                          C 72

       S QT95                                                            S

       H T93                                                             H J

       D T93                                                              D AQJ865

       C AQ5                                                             C J98643

                                          S A642

                                          H KQ2

                                          D K742

                                          C KT

South is the dealer with N/S vulnerable.


The bidding went          S            W           N            E

                                   1S           P            2H          3D

                                   4H          P            5D          6C

                                   X            6D          6H          End

Phew! 6D is only one off and 6C only two off on a diamond lead so both look to be good sacrifices as neither 4H/S can be defeated. What should North do after 6D? Take the money or have a dash at 6H which of course costs 200 when it goes two off. The problem is those two little clubs in the North hand. If South had the ace instead of the king of clubs then 6H has good chances with the double fit but actually goes off because of the 4-0 spade fit. It would help of course if East started with the diamond ace! Anyway 6H has good chances and the potential gain is so much more than the plus score from E/W going off one or two makes it a reasonable bet if you are sure that at the other table the opposition will also bid so aggressively. In our match this did not happen. We lost 200 in 6H and also 420 at the other table as they played in a quiet 4H. Minus 13 imps. Would you have bid differently and if so what is your preferred sequence? Let me know for the next edition!