This hand occurred at the club on Tuesday


WEST                         EAST

S xx                             S QJxx

H A                             H xxx

D AKQxxx                   D xx

C AKJx                       C Qxxx


Our opponents bid

2D (strong)                 2NT (negative)

3D                               3S



Very few players now play strong twos but this was perfect for this hand enabling the par contract to be reached for a score of 660 When the traveller was opened I could not believe that we had earned a cold bottom with no other pair reaching the obvious game. Several played in 5C/D scoring 600 but three played in diamond part scores (!) and one West allowed North to play 3H for a score of -140!


Maybe those in 5C/D investigated a slam before realising they were bereft in the spade department. Surely this hand is worth a slam try? If East has the spade Ace or King and Queen then 6C/D/NT are cold.


Playing either Acol or Benji West should surely start with his strongest bid (itŐs a 3 loser hand!)




4NT (RKCB in Spades)-5C (no key cards)

5D- Pass

is a possible sequence.


How would you and your partner bid it? ItŐs worth discussing hands like this to avoid the ignominy of playing in 2,3 or 4 diamonds with a game easily available.