Grand National Teams qualifying started on Sept. 1

 October is Jane Johnson Club Appreciation Month

Watch for Special Games at your Club this Month.




Special Note of Thanks: If you have not heard, our District has a new Director who is replacing Phylis Harlan on January 1.  I am very fortunate and blessed to be elected to this position.  I want to thank all of those who campaigned and voted for me.  There were two good canadates and I was fortunate enough to win.  Thank you. Warren Smith


October is Jane Johnson Club Appreciation Month


Races and Ratings

This page has links to Unit 132 and District 15 races, Unit 132 masterpoint holdings, and Power Ratings.

Click here for Unit 132 Power Ratings.

Click here for District 15 Power Ratings.

Chris Champion of Colorado crunches results to produce player power ratings. He includes all ACBL tournament results. He also includes club results if a club sends him the game files each month. Currently, Wichita and Dodge City are doing this.

So what exactly are Power Ratings? In Chris's words, "When I bowled, no one ever asked me what the total number of pins I knocked down was, but a lot of bowlers wanted to know what my average was. Master Points is the total number of pins. Power Ratings is the bowling average."

So, what does the number mean? It is the average game percentage you would have with yourself as a partner. I looked up Jeff Meckstroth's. It is somewhere around 74%!

It is also easy to have an individual summary. If you wish the summary to be private only, please say so. Click here to send an email asking for either (private or public summary).

Rookie (less than 5 mp)

Sherrana Abderhalden, Donna-Adams Zimmerman, Martha Allison, Rick Beck, Lily Ashcom, Charles Craig,

Mary Baker, Patsy Dickerson, Dick Etherington, Roger Eastwood, Mary Evans, Julie Glass, Judy Forsee, Ann Graham,

Lori Jeters, Gene Heffron, Marie Hallacy, Pat Gepner, Sharon Hand, Lucy Roth, Phillip Hughes, Elizabeth Horney,

Margaret Krupp, Alice Kreissler, John Miles, Wanda Macy, Jane Phares, Art Lancaster, Mark Moeller, Mary Pat Miller,

JoAnn Pottorff, William Moyer, Jerry Paoke, Rod Phares, Kristin Price, Cathy Resser, Lila Seager, Dorothy Roger, 

Gary Ruedebushch, Naomi Strong, Marti Rustin, Judy Smiley, Nilo Tejano, Steve Williams, Vikki Jo Stewart, Janey Wilson.

Junior Master (5 mp)

Richard Allen, Shirley Austerman, Sarah Allender, Delcy Armstrong, William Beck, Dean Becker, Karla Belcher, Nancy Jo Bowman, Radke Bhagat,

Tatyana Bobrova, Marsha Diggs, Keith French, Karla Burns, Cliff Hartman, Mike Diggs, Mary Boyer, Bernetta Hartnett, Bruce Hopson, Phyllis Hogue,

Ken Howell, Mike Jones, Sue Jones, John Jones, Betty Krehbiel, Craig Newell, Bill Oeting, Vicky Reiff, Herschel Loepp, Sandy Moore, Jan Santoscoy,

Marti Noll, Patty Rosenhagen, LaNita Roark, Steve Sigley, Jolene Satterthwaite, Marjorie, Schnelle, Chris Simmonds, Ann Staples, Patricia Taylor, 

Marilyn Turner, Karen VanDam, Patricea Totten, J. Wassal, Ann Hunter, Dalene Peavey,

Club Master (20 mp)

Doug Campbell, Fred Chang, Dallas Cronk, Connie Conners, Vicki Leland, Marilyn Geiger, Barbara Gobbert, Carolyn Goering,

Rob Hendrickson, Jean Hollar, Doug Kidd, Donna Jones, Linda Kraus, Nonny Johnson, Diana Kidd, Karon Perrill, Vicki Leland, Bobbi Warren,

Becky Miller, Robert Aldrup, Shirley McBryde, Pat Perendes, Rod Goering, Shari Theison, Iris Schmitt

Sectional Master (50 mp)

Mary Beck, Elson Boisseau, Janet Boisseau, Janice Hilyard, Donna Boso, Niran Basi, Nancy Craig, Steven Brown, Ken Fasbender, Randy Hopson,

Joann Keiter, Marie Mareda, David Johnson, Karen Humphreys, Preston McPhait, Mark Yeskie, Mary Klenda, Dale Soderstorm, Carl Pipkin, 

Pat Nieman, Joan Navrat, Betty Rieman, Mary Lou Etherington, Nancy Wright, Patricia Sullivan, David Fancher, Karen Soderstorm, Carol Webb,

David Beigel, Karl Kanning, Victoria Leland, Ann Gill, Carolyn Simpson

Regional Master (100 mp)

Joan Bender, Jan Carduff, Ardie Condon, Rick Barbe, Joyce Friedel, Jim Germolus, Belinda Kidd, Irene Hamm, Shirley Fox, Joan Huska,

Marilyn Heffron, Karen Kimmel, Gary Mead, Jesse Moore, Gordon Tolle, Mary Ann Rix, Peggy Newell, Marci Schimidt, Will Price, Julie Scherz,

Fran VanFleet, Pat Dooley, David Traster, Rosalie Thannum, Denny Bender

NABC Master (200 mp)

Steve Button, Larry Doeblin, Nancy Greenstreet, R. Huska, Patricia Gillenwater, Mike Kilgore, Margalee Wright, Jane Keliher, Penny Hilton,

Russell Maik, Rhonda Norfleet, Merlin Suderman, Sue Bloomer, Fran Bertram, Maggie Asboth, Mehtab Saxema, Troy Emigh. Pat Dooley,

Advanced NABC Master (300 mp)

Art Bloomer, Richard Bowman, Margaret Crawford, R. Huska, John Kimmel, Pat Reel, Linus Weimer, Lynn Oetting, Morgan Schreffler

Life Master (500 mp)

Margare Cartwright, Lester Chang, Tom Ebben, Jane Hagermann, Charlotte Sanders, Eric Pryor, Mei Chang, Jerie Johnson, Teresa Scoles

Silver Life Master (1000 mp)

Pat Anderson, Cris Boyce, Richard Brown, Patricia Fuller, Bob Ellison, Ruby Goering, Crystal Hargraves, Don Hembree, Jeanne Houghton,

Sharon Marcy,  Jean McGrew, Nelson, VanFleet, Dolores Crissman, Dee Scott,

Ruby Life Master (1500 mp)

Helen Adams, Rachel Bass, Doris Buss, Bernice Cook, Dan Forbes, Gina Austin Fresh, Hal George, Beverly Gochis, Chris Hull, Grier Jones,

Charlene McLean, Larry McLean, Neer Nine, Ginny Rockhill, Roger Sites, Tom Solnok, Loretta Thornburgh, Shorty Yost

Gold Life Master (2500)

Frank Boyce, Dan Chocron, Romy Gerould, Mary Hembree, Robert Layton, Peggy Mitchell, Polly Schoning, Ron Traudt, Ross Thornburgh

Sapphire Life Master (3500 mp)

Atul Rai, Marlo Goering

Diamond Life Master (5000 mp)

Robert Carstedt, David Erickson, David Kopper, Michael Imbert

Emerald Life Master (7500 mp)
Platinum Life Master (10,000 mp)

Richard Holmes