Wichita Bridge

Open the attachment to learn more about an opportunity for bridge lessons at the Wichita Bridge Center beginning March 3 & concluding April 14.


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Online Individual March 5-7

Here’s your chance to win a NABC title without leaving home.

The new NABC Online Individual event allows you to do just that!

Play Monday, March 5 through Wednesday, March 7, any time of day from any location. All you need is an internet connection.

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Races and Ratings

This page has links to Unit 132 and District 15 races, Unit 132 masterpoint holdings, and Power Ratings.

Unit 132 Ace of Clubs - 2018
Unit 132 Mini McKenny - 2018
Unit 132 Online Leaders - 2018
Unit 132 Ace of Clubs - 2017
Unit 132 Mini McKenny - 2017
Unit 132 Online Leaders - 2017
District 15 Ace of Clubs - 2017
District 15 Mini-McKenney - 2017
District 15 Online Leaders - 2017
Power Ratings

Click here for Unit 132 Power Ratings.

Click here for District 15 Power Ratings.

Chris Champion of Colorado crunches results to produce player power ratings. He includes all ACBL tournament results. He also includes club results if a club sends him the game files each month. Currently, Wichita and Dodge City are doing this.

So what exactly are Power Ratings? In Chris's words, "When I bowled, no one ever asked me what the total number of pins I knocked down was, but a lot of bowlers wanted to know what my average was. Master Points is the total number of pins. Power Ratings is the bowling average."

So, what does the number mean? It is the average game percentage you would have with yourself as a partner. I looked up Jeff Meckstroth's. It is somewhere around 74%!

It is also easy to have an individual summary. If you wish the summary to be private only, please say so. Click here to send an email asking for either (private or public summary).