Grand National Teams qualifying started on Sept. 1

Watch for Special Games at your Club.




Special Note:  Mary Beck has graciously agreed to Chair the Nominating Committee for this years election.  You may be getting a call to be on the ballot.  We have a great Bridge Board and want to keep the energy going, so please consider the opportunity.  


December 11th is a Special Game and we are partnering again with Oxford Villa, seating is limited, please contact Ron Traudt if you are interested in playing.  This is a Tuesday.  Game starts at 12:30. 

December 15th is our annual Bridge Club Christmas Dinner and Game.  Dinner at noon, bridge at 1.  Ron is directing.

STAC week is December 3rd through the 9th.  STAC stands for Sectional Tournament at Club.  Get your Silver Points!!!!!  

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