NEXT CLUB QUALIFIER is Saturday, Feb. 16th at 1pm


Send your team names to warglo@yahoo.com




Super Bowl Sunday Game- wear something with your Favorite Pro-team on it and get a reduced entry fee.



Last GNT Club Qualifier on Saturday Feb. 16th at 1.  

GNT UNIT QUALIFER is on March 9th at.10am.

Upcoming Training Events

 Play of the Hand - Instructor, Romy Gerould, Gold Life Master, 10am to Noon on Monday May 6,13, and 20th, Cost is $40

Defense - Instructor, David Kopper, Diamond Life Master, 10am to Noon on Friday, June 7, 21. and 28th, Cost is $40

The Mystery of Team Play, David Kopper, Diamond Life Master, 10am to Noon on Saturdays, September 7, 21, and 28th, Cost is $40

ALL CLASSES  REQUIRE A MINIMUM OF 6 and A MAXIMUM OF 12 - To sign up contact Charles Wiggins, wichitaduplicatebridge@gmail.com, 258-7162

Introduction to Bridge is being taught by Mary Beck at Wichita State University 

Wanda Lonnon and Margaret Crawford will be offering a basic 30 minute class before their Tuesday game.  February - Pre-emptive bidding and Responses.  March - Overcalls & responses and Take-out doubles and responses.

Merlin Suderman (msuderman@gmail.com) is also offering on-line training.


Game schedule
Wichita Game Schedule
OP Orchard Park Senior Center, 4808 W 9th St N
WBC Wichita Bridge Center, Parklane (south end), 1209 S. Glendale
KR Kastle at the Regent, 10600 E 13th St N
KP Kastle at Presbyterian Manor, 4700 W 13th St N


Day Time Location Event Contact
Mon  12:30 PM     WBC   Open game, stratified Ron Traudt (316) 650-0056 ronltr@aol.com
Mon 6:30 PM KR   0-750 game Marilyn Heffron (913) 904-4877 heffron4@yahoo.com
Tues 12:00 PM` OP   Open game, stratified

Ron Traudt (316) 650-0056 ronltr@aol.com

Tues  12:30 PM WBC

 0-300 game

 Lesson & registration @ 12 Noon

Wanda Lonnon (316) 733-2552 wandalonnon@gmail.com

Tues 6:30 PM


  Open game, stratified

Merlin Suderman (316) 683-6316 msuderman@gmail.com

Wed  12:30 PM WBC   Open game, stratfied

Ron Traudt (316) 650-0056 ronltr@aol.com

Thu 6:30 PM WBC

  0-300 game

Merlin Suderman (316) 683-6316 msuderman@gmail.com

Fri  12:30 PM WBC

  0-1000 game, stratified

  0-50  game

Julie Phares (316) 680-8013 phares18@cox.net
Fri 7:00 PM WBC   Open game, stratified

Jeanne Houghton (316) 253-8809 jeannehoughton@hotmail.com

Sat 1:00 PM WBC   Open game, stratified

Julie Phares (316) 680-8013 phares18@cox.net

Sun 1:30 PM WBC   Open Game, stratified

Warren Smith (316) 641-2703 warglo@yahoo.com

Sun 6:30 PM KP   0-1000 Game Marilyn Heffron (913) 904-4877 heffron4@yahoo.com