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Wichita Duplicate

HELP WANTED for Fall 2017 Win in Wichita Regional!

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A key part of the formula for making our tournament the very best is the availability of partners to play with partners who want to play but don't have partners.  Would you please consider volunteering for:

       1.  Playing with non-partnered partners in your master point category for at least one session?


       2.  Sitting at the partnership desk before each session to assist in answering questions about partnerships for different sessions? 

The more the merrier AND the easier.  Your availability does not automatically mean that you will be playing if there is no partner who needs a partner for that particular session.  Sitting at the partnership desk will not interfere with your ability to play in the session which follows.  

If you have questions or want to volunteer, please alert Betty Riemen( ) or Karen Humphreys

( )about your interest and availability.  The success of our tournament is in your hands!






Grand National Teams
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