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At the Unit meeting last Sat it was suggested that there needs to be more information for players to understand how the GNT works, maybe an article in the News Letter and/or email blasts.  I think I offered to send Pat information on the GNT, so I have attached the Conditions of Contest.  Refer to the C of C for details.  Please let me know if I need to provide any more information or answer any questions or to assist in any other way.

Flight Eligibility or Stratification levels are: Open = unlimited, A < 6000, B <2500, C = Non-life master with under 500.  Flights may be combined at the club or District  levels depending on field size.  Everyone that plays in a club is qualified for the Unit level game, everyone that plays in the 2 Session Unit Level game on Apr 21 at 10AM at the Bridge Center is qualified to play in the District game on June 8-9 in OKC.  Players that did not play in a lower level game can still play in the Unit or District final by paying the Buy-In fee.  Refer to the C of C for details on other restrictions, and player substitution rules.


Ron Traudt


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