North American Pairs Qualifying Rounds

 June thru August

Watch for dates on front page of website and on the calendar.




Beginner's Play of the Hand Pt. 1  

Dates: Thursdays from 9:30 to 11:30am Starting on July 5th thru 26th for four weeks

Location is at the Wichita Bridge Center, Text is by Audrey Grant, PLAY OF HAND in 21st Cent.

Cost is only $40 + $10 for textbook

ENROLLMENT is LIMITED, contact Wanda Lonnon at 316-733-2552 or wandalonnon@gmail.com

North American Pairs Qualiying Games


In October there will be a Special 99'er Sectional at The Regent, seating is limited.  ONLY 8 tables.  Click link for details on signing up. Kastle 99 2018.pdf


Welcome to Wichita Bridge
Special July Events

July Events

Date Time Event
July 1 1:30 Unit Championship
July 5-26 9:30-11:30 Beginners Play of the Hand
July 10 All Games Unit Championship
July 11 12:30 NAP Qualifier
July 13 7:00 NAP Qualifier
July 16 12:30 Club Championship
July 17 12:00 NAP Qualifier at OP
July 18 12:30 Club Championship
July 22 1:30 NAP Qualifier
July 25 12:30 NAP Qualifier
July 26 All Games Unit Championship

The 2018 Longest Day Charity Games for the Alzheimer Association

This year the Wichita Duplicate Bridge team held two charity games, one on Monday the 18th at the Bridge Center and one on Tuesday the 19th at the Oxford Villa Active Senior Apartments.  The team received $828 in cash and checks plus $200 in online donations for a grand total of $1028.  The team appreciates the support of all the area bridge players to make these charity games a success for the Alzheimer Association.  Considering the regional tournament being held in Topeka the same week of the longest day, we are pleased with the support from the Wichita players.  A very special thanks goes to the OXFORD VILLA Active Senior Apartments for hosting the 10 duplicate tables and 4 rubber bridge tables at their beautiful facility.  A great time was had by all.  They also provided a $50.00 gift certificate to the Olive Garden restaurant. Bev Gochis won the gift certificate in a drawing AND was first overall.  Congrats Bev.  Special thanks going to the generous Bridge Club Owners who donated 100% of the facility expenses and profits to the cause.  Also, the amount raised included 100% of the ACBL table and sanction fees that in turn will be donated by the ACBL to the Alzheimer’s Association A special thanks to Ron Traudt for his efforts in coordinating with Oxford Villa, setting up the game, bringing equipment to make it possible, and directing both games.  Let’s get out and support the bridge club clubs and the owners and remember when necessary to call the Director, please raise your hand and say “Director Please”.  Respectfully, Jeanne Houghton



Tuesday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Wanda Lonnon
OP - Open
Director: Ronald Traudt
Monday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Ronald Traudt
Jul 17, 2018
Tuesday Evening Pairs
WDBC 6:30 p.m.
Director: Merlin Suderman
Jul 18, 2018
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs
12:30 p.m.
Club Championship
Director: Ron Traudt
Jul 19, 2018
Thursday Evening Pairs
WDBC 6:30 p.m.
Director: Merlin Suderman