Wiltshire Contract Bridge Association
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The Bridge Warehouse

Upcoming non WCBA Events
Upcoming Sim Pairs
EBED Autumn Pairs
04 to 08 September
British Autumn Pairs
02 to 05 October
Event times 2017/18
All Sunday events please arrive by 1.45 for 2.00pm start of play.
League matches please arrive by 7.00 for 7.15pm start of play.
Want to Join the EBU/WCBA
Want to join the EBU and WCBA but don't know how?
Basically there are two ways of joining:
1. Join an EBU affiliated club [see list of Wiltshire clubs].  This will make you and EBU/WCBA member.  If you play at least 12 times you also qualify for the EBU magazine.
2. You can join the EBU durectly (without being a member of a club) with an annual subscription to the EBU.
For more information see the EBU website [click here]