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Upcoming Sim Pairs

EBU Spring Sim Pairs
6-12 May 2014

Congratulations to ...

... teams Williamson, Bridge and Wilcox, winners of the Premier League, League 2 and League 3 respectively – see right.

... team Purches, who have won the Wiltshire Knockout – see right.

... team O'Donnell, who have won the Plate – see right.

Chris Dixon workshops

These are held at Bath BC.

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League 2: 2013-14
League 2: 2013-14


This year we have an impressive 7 teams, with Marchington replacing PL-bound Gwyer and a new team led by Stuart Bridge. Each team will come up against each opponent twice – 'at home' and 'away' – and so will play 12 matches in all over 14 sessions. Teams and fixtures are shown below. To see the results and the current league table, click on the Results & Table item below.

Looking forward to seeing you (except for the team with a 'bye') at our first match on Wednesday 18 September.

Chris Jones

Results & Table
Latest Hands [click here]
2013-14 FIXTURES
 Wednesday 18 September  Allen v Baker Bridge v Thackaberry Cooper v Marchington
 Monday 30 September Hodgson v Bridge Baker v Thackaberry Allen v Cooper
 Tuesday 15 October Marchington v Allen Bridge v Baker Cooper v Hodgson
 Thursday 31 October Thackaberry v Cooper Allen v Hodgson Marchington v Baker
 Friday 15 November Baker v Hodgson Bridge v Allen Marchington v Thackaberry
 Wednesday 4 December Bridge v Cooper Allen v Thackaberry Hodgson v Marchington
 Tuesday 17 December Thackaberry v Hodgson Baker v Cooper Marchington v Bridge
 Friday 10 January Hodgson v Thackaberry Cooper v Baker Bridge v Marchington
 Tuesday 21 January Bridge v Hodgson Thackaberry v Baker Cooper v Allen
 Wednesday 5 February Cooper v Bridge Thackaberry v Allen Marchington v Hodgson
 Thursday 27 February Cooper v Thackaberry Hodgson v Allen Baker v Marchington
 Tuesday 11 March Hodgson v Baker Allen v Bridge Thackaberry v Marchington
 Thursday 3 April Allen v Marchington Baker v Bridge Hodgson v Cooper
 Wednesday 9 April Baker v Allen Thackaberry v Bridge Marchington v Cooper



Tom Allen, Frances Dewar, Frances Ind, Graham Williams, Alan Perkins, Bill Nadel, Gwyn Evans


Robin Baker, Ann Baker, Rosemary Fussell, Ken Walsby, Janet Wright, Peter Webb, Flocky Sanders, Anne Rogan


Stuart Bridge, Keith Harris, Rita Bierwirth-James, John Whittleton, Rose Rogers, Anne Hitchin


Paul Cooper, Jane Portnall, Martyn Tranter, Lyn Alvis, Jenny Reid, John Reid, Lesley Irving, Marion Loudoun

Hodgson Don Hodgson, Rod Johnston, Pat Lewis, Joanna Seddon, Michael Smith, Michael Cripp, Helen Holden, Ian Lund


Daphne Marchington, Myles Marchington, Pat Wilkinson, Chris Baldock, AJW Clay, Sue Phillips, Valerie Coombes, George Coombes


David Thackaberry, Margaret Thackaberry, Eve Barwell, Karl Hollman, Ian Bell, Paul Hatvany, Marion Cowley, David Jacklin


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