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Upcoming Sim Pairs

EBU Spring Sim Pairs
05 - 11 May 2015

Event times 2014-15

All Sunday events (except the Corsham Pairs: 2.00pm): play will start at 1.00pm.

League matches arrive 7.00 for 7.15 start of play.

League 1
League 1: 2014-15
League 1: 2014-15

Following the recent reorganisation of the WCBA leagues, we now have a new name – League 1 – and have grown to a remarkable 11 teams. Each team will therefore meet each of the other 10 teams once. This will happen over 11 sessions, each team having one bye. The schedule and a list of team members are posted below.

As in previous years, we will be playing alongside League 2 (formerly League 3), which this year has 6 teams.

Looking forward to seeing you at our first match on Monday 29th September. As always, you're welcome to bring your own refreshments for half time ...

Chris Jones

Results & Table
Hands from Session 8 click here
Hands from Session 9 click here
2014-15 FIXTURES




Mon 29 Sep

March v Starr

Thack v Tranter

Lane v Dixon

Hodgson v Baker

Wilcox v Nadel


Tues 14 Oct

Baker v March

Nadel v Thack

Tranter v Goldson

Starr v Dixon

Hodgson v Wilcox


Wed 29 Oct

March v Thack

Baker v Tranter

Starr v Wilcox

Lane v Nadel

Goldson v Dixon


Thur 20 Nov

Nadel v March

Wilcox v Thack

Tranter v Hodgson

Starr v Lane

Goldson v Baker


Tues 02 Dec

Goldson v March

Thack v Lane

Tranter v Starr

Hodgson v Nadel

Dixon v Baker


Fri 09 Jan

March v Hodgson

Tranter v Lane

Baker v Starr

Goldson v Nadel

Wilcox v Dixon


Thur 22 Jan

Wilcox v March

Baker v Thack

Dixon v Tranter

Starr v Goldson

Lane v Hodgson


Wed 04 Feb

March v Tranter

Dixon v Thack

Nadel v Starr

Lane v Wilcox

Hodgson v Goldson


Thur 26 Feb

Thack v Starr

Nadel v Tranter

Baker v Lane

Hodgson v Dixon

Goldson v Wilcox


Tues 10 Mar

March v Lane

Thack v Goldson

Starr v Hodgson

Wilcox v Baker

Dixon v Nadel


Wed 25 Mar

Dixon v March

Thack v Hodgson

Tranter v Wilcox

Lane v Goldson

Nadel v Baker


March = Marchington; Thack = Thackaberry. Home teams listed first.


Robin Baker, Ann Baker, Rosemary Fussell, Ken Walsby, Janet Wright, Peter Webb, Flocky Sanders, Anne Rogan


Chris Dixon, Jan Dixon, Edward Leatham, Scarlet Leatham, Nick Forrest, Bryan Cross


Peter Goldson, Pete Gibaut, John Caiger, Anita Contreras, Shirley Taplin, David Twiner, Jeremy Cross, Jo Cross


Don Hodgson, Rod Johnston, Pat Lewis, Jo Seddon, Mike Smith, Mike Cripp, Helen Holden

Lane Linda Lane, Paul Lane, June Goodchap, Richard Vigar, Mary Vigar, Tim Long, Nancie Green, Jess von Boeventor


Daphne Marchington, Myles Marchington, Pat Wilkinson, Chris Baldock, Sue Phillips, Mike Porter, Kath Darby


Bill Nadel, Graham Williams, Alan Perkins, Ian Lund, Stan Christie, Eric Smith

Starr Chris Starr, Reg Thorpe, Stu Clarke, Peter Edwards, Kathryn Footner, Jo Northam
Thackaberry David Thackaberry, Margaret Thackaberry, Eve Barwell, Karl Hollman, Ian Bell, Paul Hatvany, Anna Marriott
Tranter Martyn Tranter, Lyn Alvis, Paul Cooper, Jane Portnall, Marion Cowley, David Jacklin
Wilcox Ros Wilcox, Tony Lucas, Tina Trivett, Carol Eggins, Rob Ellison, Ken Little, Anne Hall


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