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Avon/EBU Green Pointed Weekend

At the University of the West of England, Bristol

Swiss Pairs 20 May 2017

Swiss Teams 21 May 2017

Dorset Green Pointed Events

Dorset Contract Bridge Association are running a Swiss Pairs and a Swiss Teams Event in Wimborne on two Sunday's, 18 June and 23 July respectively.

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Upcoming Sim Pairs
Club Stratified Pairs
13 to 16 March
British Spring Pairs
03 to 06 April
Event times 2015/16
All Sunday events please arrive by 1.45 for 2.00pm start of play.
League matches please arrive by 7.00 for 7.15pm start of play.
League 1
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2016/17 Fixtures


FIXTURES (Home team shown in RED)


Monday 19 September

Webb v Van Praag

Reid v Moore

Hodgson v Gwyer

Moxey v Tranter

Nadel v James


Thursday 06 October

Webb v Reid

Van Praag v Gwyer

Hodgson v Moxey

Moore v Nadel

James v Tranter


Friday 21 October

Webb v Hodgson

Van Praag v Tranter

Reid v Nadel

Moore v Gwyer

Moxey v James


Wednesday 16 November

Webb v Moore

Van Praag v Reid

Hodgson v James

Moxey v Nadel

Gwyer v Tranter


Tuesday 06 December

Webb v Moxey

Van Praag v Nadel

Reid v Hodgson

Moore v Tranter

Gwyer v James


Friday 06 January

Webb v Gwyer

Van Praag v Moxey

Reid v James

Nadel v Tranter

Hodgson v Moore


Wednesday 18 January

Webb v Nadel

Van Praag v James

Reid v Gwyer

Hodgson v Tranter

Moore v Moxey


Thursday 09 February

Webb v James

Van Praag v Moore

Reid v Tranter

Hodgson v Nadel

Moxey v Gwyer


Tuesday 07 March

Webb v Tranter

Van Praag v Hodgson

Reid v Moxey

Moore v James

Gwyer v Nadel









2016/17 Teams

Richard Gwyer, Paul Gregory, Syd Gwyer, Leslie Bennett, Kath Darby, Judy Shewring


Don Hodgson, Mike Cripp, Jo Seddon, Helen Holden, Pat Lewis, Hilary Bennett


Rita James, Anna Marriott, John Whittleton, Peter Gooch, Andrew Marriott, Hugh Gross


Richard Moore, John Treble, Christine Moore, Caroline Edmondson, Maurice Baker, Tony Monks

Moxey Graham Moxey, Hazel Moxey, Mary Overson, John Evans, John Wray,Wendy Wray, Dilys Shortridge, Joan Cherrett


 Bill Nadel, Sriram Chari, Alan Perkins, Graham Williams, Stan Christie, Eve Barwell


Alan Reid, Marion Loudoun, John Maggs, Maureen Mobley

Tranter Martyn Tranter, Lyn Alvis, Paul Cooper, Marion Cowley, David Jacklin, Keith Harris
Van Praag Pete Van Praag, Davor Vukanovic, Terry Butler, Liz Butler, Steve Elliot, Margaret Morgan-Jones
Webb Peter Webb, Anne Rogan, Rosemary Fussell, John Hadfield, Frances Ind, Peter Brunskill