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Upcoming Sim Pairs

EBU Spring Sim Pairs
05 - 11 May 2015

Event times 2014-15

All Sunday events (except the Corsham Pairs: 2.00pm): play will start at 1.00pm.

League matches arrive 7.00 for 7.15 start of play.

Knock Out
Draw for 2014/15

SH1st Round                          Quarter final               Semi final                           Final

Play by 16 November                   Play by 10 January              Play by 21 February

Preliminary Round Green beat Taylor 

Purches v Latchem

Latchem beat Purches by 7 IMPS

Gayle Webb v Nadel

Webb beat Nadel by 26 IMPS

Gwyer v Sloan

Sloan beat Gwyer 53-35

Tranter v Green

Green beat Tranter

Clements v Jones

Jones beat Clements

Don Hodgson v Blandy

Blandy beat Hodgson 59-36

Pete Webb v Baker

Baker beat Webb 74-52

Katharine Hodgson v Karn

Hodgson beat Karn 78-43


Latchem v Webb

Latchem won by 49 IMPS

Sloan v Green

Sloan won by 55 IMPS

Jones v Blandy

Blandy won by 62 IMPS

Baker v Hodgson

Hodgson won by 113 IMPs



Sloan v Latchem

Sloan won by 19 IMPS

Blandy v Hodgson

Blandy won by 41 IMPS




2015 winners Blandy Team

Sonia Blandy, Georgie Dalton, David Hale & Brian Johnson



Teams 2013-14
Blandy Sonia Blandy, G Dalton, D Hale, B Johnson
Baker Robin Baker, Ann Baker, Emma Scarisbrick, Gerry McAinsh
Clements Chris Clements, Roger Andrews, Mike Baker, Jenny Gray, Dave Bloxham
Green Phil Green, Diana King, Ron King, John Treble
Gwyer Richard Gwyer, Syd Gwyer, Sue Phillips, Chris Baldock
Hodgson D Don Hodgson, Jo Seddon, Pat Lewis, Helen Holden
Hodgson K Katharine Hodgson, Keith Williamson, Bob Bannister, Pam Merrell
Jones Chris Jones, James Dunlop, Pat Davies, Ambrose Holmes-Mackie
Karn Roger Karn, Bob McMurray, Phil Bennett, John Maggs
Latcham Dave Latcham, Phil Howard, Richard Samter, Norman Bottom, Andrew Parkes
Nadel Bill Nadel, Graham Williams, Ian Lund, Alan Perkins, Stan Christie
Purches Trevor Purches, Susie Gall, Richard Moore, Roger Bendall
Sloan Sam Sloan, Roy France, Martin Buck, Kevin Hughes
Taylor Elaine Taylor, Christine Moore, Hugh Gross, Prabir Nandi
Tranter Martyn Tranter, Lyn Alvis, Paul Cooper, Marion Cowley, David Jacklin, Jane Portnell
Webb G Gayle Webb, Colin Webb, David and Margaret Thackaberry 
Webb P Peter Webb, Rosemary Fussell, Anne Rogan, Peter Brunskill


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