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Avon/EBU Green Pointed Weekend

At the University of the West of England, Bristol

Swiss Pairs 20 May 2017

Swiss Teams 21 May 2017

Dorset Green Pointed Events

Dorset Contract Bridge Association are running a Swiss Pairs and a Swiss Teams Event in Wimborne on two Sunday's, 18 June and 23 July respectively.

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Upcoming Sim Pairs
Club Stratified Pairs
13 to 16 March
British Spring Pairs
03 to 06 April
Event times 2015/16
All Sunday events please arrive by 1.45 for 2.00pm start of play.
League matches please arrive by 7.00 for 7.15pm start of play.
League 2
Hands from Session 8 (09 Feb) click here
Hands from Session 7 (18 Jan) click here
Hands from Session 6 (06 Jan) click here
Hands from Session 5 (06 Dec) - click here
Hands from Session 4 (16 Nov) click here
Hands from Session 3 (21 Oct) click here
Hands from Session 2 (06 Oct) click here
Hands from Session 1 (19 Sept) click here
2016/17 Fixtures
FIXTURES (Home team is first named in list below)
Monday 19 September
Phillips v Hill
Wilcox v Baker
 Trayhern v Artus
White v Turner
Elms bye
Thursday 06 October
Hill v Wilcox
Phillips v Trayhern
Artus v Elms
Baker v White
Turner bye
Friday 21 October
Artus v Hill
Wilcox v White
Baker v Trayhern
Turner v Elms
Philips bye
Wednesday 16 November
Wilcox v Phillips
Hill v Baker
Turner v Artus
Elms v White
Trayhern bye
Tuesday 06 December
White v Phillips
Hill v Elms
Artus v Wilcox
Trayhern v Turner
Baker bye
Friday 06 January
Elms v Phillips
Hill v Trayhern
Wilcox v Turner
Baker v Artus
White bye
Wednesday 18 January
White v Hill
Turner v Philips
Trayhern v Wilcox
Elms v Baker
Artus bye
Thursday 09 February
Philips v Baker
Turner v Hill
Trayhern v Elms
Artus v White
Wilcox bye
Tuesday 07 March
Phillips v Artus
Elms v Wilcox
Baker v Turner
White v Trayhern
Hill bye
Last updated : 18th Aug 2016 13:09 BST
2016/17 Teams


Phil Artus, Jean Raggett, Bob Raggett, Viv Noord, Rosie Caddick, Trevor Carroll
Robin Baker Ann Baker, Chaz Cross, Lucy Cross, Peter Goldson, Bryan Willis
Ray Elms, Susan Lewis, Sarah Lund, Ian Lund, Tim Burnham, Mike Smith
Andy Hill, Mo Hill, John Mack, Eileen Mack
Sue Phillips, David Head, Jim Edwards, Tom Hanwell. Chris Baldock, Hilary Swan
Wendy Trayhern, Shirley Kayne, Dorothy Blythe, Edwina Wilson
Richard Turner, Graeme Dalrymple, Jackie Miller, Heather Spalding, Jan Bailey, Steve Bailey
Ann White May Brand, Peter Glasson, Judy Glasson. Liz Oldknow, Vernon Worrall, Alistair Spence
Ros Wilcox, Tina Trivett, Tony Lucas, Rob Ellison, Adrian Foster, Fred Hart
Last updated : 18th Aug 2016 13:56 BST