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07 to 11 September 2015
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League 2
2015/16 Fixtures

 Monday 28 September Elms v Hill Hanwell v Moxey Wilcox v Glasson
 Monday 19 October Hanwell v Elms Hill v Wilcox  Moxey v Glasson
 Thursday 29 October Glasson v Elms Hanwell v Hill

Wilcox v Moxey 

 Wednesday 18 November Elms v Wilcox  Hill v Moxey Glasson v Hanwell 
 Tuesday 01 December Moxey v Elms Hanwell v Wilcox  Hill v Glasson 
 Friday 08 January Hill v Elms Moxey v Hanwell

Glasson v Wilcox

 Thursday 21 January Elms v Hanwell Wilcox v Hill  Glasson v Moxey
 Wednesday 03 February Elms v Glasson Hill v Hanwell Moxey v Wilcox
 Thursday 25 February Wilcox v Elms Moxey v Hill Hanwell v Glasson
 Friday 11 March Elms v Moxey Wilcox v Hanwell Glasson v Hill


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2015/16 Teams

Ray Elms, Sue Lewis, Suzanne Wickham, Tim Burnham, Jill Wyatt, Ros Thomas, Sarah Lund


Peter Glasson, Judy Glasson, Ann White, May Brand


Tom Hanwell, Phil Russell, Taff Keegan, Hilary Swan, Rosemary Caddick, Jean Laudon


Andy Hill, Mo Hill, Wendy Trayhern, Shirley Kayne, Maureen Awbery, Eileen Mack


Graham Moxey, Hazel Moxey, John Evans, Joan Cherrett, Dilys Shortridge, Mary Overson


Ros Wilcox, Tina Trivett, Tony Lucas, Rob Ellison, Anne Hall, Adrian Foster


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