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6-12 May 2014

Congratulations to ...

... teams Williamson, Bridge and Wilcox, winners of the Premier League, League 2 and League 3 respectively – see right.

... team Purches, who have won the Wiltshire Knockout – see right.

... team O'Donnell, who have won the Plate – see right.

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Williamson team retain title
Williamson team retain title

Congratulations to the Williamson team (Katharine, Hodgson, Pat Davies, Valerie Austwick, Taf Anthias, Chris Dixon and Keith) on retaining their PL title. It was much closer this year – Latchem's 20-0 victory in the last round meant that Williamson had to defeat Ashton having been 15 IMPs down at half time. They held their nerve, recovering to win by 6 IMPs.

Richard Samter

Click on the Premier League panel, right, for the final results table.

A victory for Bridge
A victory for Bridge

Congratulations to the Bridge team (Keith Harris, Rita James, John Whittleton, Rose RogersAnn Hitchin and Stuart), who beat leaders Thackaberry to snatch victory in League 2 in the final match. The Baker team also won their match to end up in second place overall. A satisfactorily nail-biting ending to a splendid season of hard-fought matches. Well done to all concerned.

Chris Jones

Click on the League 2 panel, right, for the final results table.

Wilcox team takes League 3
Wilcox team takes League 3

Another successful League 3 season draws to a close. As always it's been full of tricky hands, uncertain finesses and bidding that's tested everyone's 'systems' to the limit. Congratulations to the Wilcox team (Tony Lucas, Ken Little, Tina Trivett, Carol Eggins, John Hoskins, Ian Drake, Rob Ellison and Ros) on a convincing win averaging over 14 VPs per match, and to the Lane team, who finished second.

Emma Scarisbrick

Click on the League 3 panel, right, for the final results table.

Victory on a Plate
Victory on a Plate

Congratulations go to the O'Donnell team, which won the Plate competition by beating the (Colin/Gayle) Webb team in a tense final. Once again, the Plate offered much excitement and also featured the closest match in the WCBA Knockouts this year, as the O'Donnell team won their semifinal (against the very strong Jones team) by just 1 IMP.

Captain Brian O'Donnell was unable to play, but his team of Syd and Richard Gwyer, Sue Phillips and Chris Baldock did him proud!

Hugh Gross

A knockout result
A knockout result

The Purches team – Susie Gall, Roger Bendall, Richard Moore and Trevor – have won the Wiltshire Knockout. Many congratulations to Trevor and his team. In a close final, team Purches won by 6 IMPS, 50-44. Down 17 in the first set (of 8 boards) they clawed back 2 IMPS in each of the next 2 sets and won on the last board with a game swing.

The runners-up were the Hodgson team, consisting of Keith Williamson, Bob Bannister, Alan White, Tony Olech and Katharine.

Hugh Gross

Wilts/Avon weekend more popular than ever
Wilts/Avon weekend more popular than ever

The Wilts/Avon Green Pointed weekend at Bath University was more popular than ever this year, with the Teams event again being oversubscribed. It was described by Patrick Jordain in the national press as being the most popular event of that weekend.

Our thanks to Gayle Webb for organising it all so well, and to everyone else involved in its success.

Latest League Results

Western League, 15 March
Wiltshire A 17–3 Dorset A   [table]
Wiltshire B 10–10 Dorset B   [table]
Wiltshire C 3–17 Dorset C   [table]

Premier League, 07 April
Ashton 8–12 Williamson 
Blandy 0–20 Latchem 
Dunlop 15–5 Starr 
Gwyer 8–12 Holden 
King 12–8 van Praag 
Moore 11–9 Webb 
League 2, 09 April
Baker 12–8 Allen 
Marchington 3
–17 Cooper
Thackaberry 5–15 Bridge 
League 3, 11 March
Lane 9–11 Goldson
Winstone 13–7 Elms
Wilcox 15–5 Thomas 
Sat 10th May 2014
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6th April 2014
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