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Notes on the last round ...
Notes on the last round ...

The teams all came back refreshed for the first round of the new year and some of the hands tested their new year’s resolutions. The first half was relatively even, with only one match having a double-digit margin after 12 boards. The “I will not bid slams under 50%” brigade were rewarded on Board 12, where 6S requires split honours in diamonds as well as the heart finesse. Board 3 was another tricky one – EW can make 4H and NS have a good save in 5C. 5H is now very tempting, but cannot make.

The biggest swings came in the second half, with the biggest on board 24. West will usually open 2S or a multi followed by a double by N. East’s KH now looks like a probable trick, so he should just bid 4S. This delicate contract can make by drawing trumps, eliminating diamonds and throwing South in with a club. Some Souths decided to compete at the 5-level, which should cost 800 or 1100 as long as EW decide to penalise rather than bidding the impossible 5S.

Gwyer had a good win to keep them in with a chance of survival. Latchem’s 17-3 win increased their lead at the top, but the league is still wide open.

Richard Samter
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2015/16 Fixtures


FIXTURES  (Home Team shown in red)

Monday 21 September

Williamson v Dixon

King v Dunlop

Gwyer v Holden

Buck v Latchem

Blandy Bye

Ashton v Webb

Thursday  08 October

Latchem v King

Dunlop v Webb

Dixon v Holden

Gwyer v Ashton

Williamson Bye

Blandy v Buck

Friday 23 October

Webb Bye

Dunlop v Holden

Dixon v Blandy

Gwyer v Latchem

Williamson v King

Ashton v Buck

Tuesday 03 November

Webb v Buck

King v Gwyer

Dixon Bye 

Latchem v Dunlop

Holden v Williamson

Blandy v Ashton

Wednesday 25 November

Buck v Holden

Blandy v Gwyer

Webb v King 

Dunlop Bye

Latchem v Williamson

Dixon v Ashton

Tuesday 08 December

Latchem Bye

Holden v Ashton

Gwyer v Webb

Dunlop v Dixon

King v Blandy

Williamson v Buck

Thursday 14 January

Buck v Dixon

Latchem v Ashton

Webb v Williamson

Holden v Blandy

Gwyer v Dunlop

King Bye   

Friday 29 January

Gwyer v Buck

Dunlop v Williamson

King v Holden

Ashton Bye

Blandy v Webb

Latchem v Dixon

Tuesday 16 February

Williamson v Ashton

King v Buck

Dunlop v Blandy

Gwyer Bye

Latchem v Holden

Dixon v Webb

Wednesday 02 March

Buck Bye

Dixon v King

Gwyer v Williamson

Latchem v Blandy

Ashton v Dunlop

Webb v Holden

Friday 18 March

Blandy v Williamson

King v Ashton

Dunlop v Buck

Holden Bye

Gwyer v Dixon

Webb v Latchem

Home Team shown in Red

Last updated : 24th Oct 2015 10:44 GMT
2015/16 Teams
Team Players
Ashton Clive Ashton, Sarah Cowell, Nigel Lewis, Philip Nind, Andy Tilling
Blandy Sonia Blandy, Georgie Dalton, Dave Hale, Brian Johnson, Colin Jones
Buck Martin Buck, Bob Bannister, Kevin Hughes, Pam Merrell
Dixon Chris Dixon, Jan Dixon, Ed Leatham, Nick Forrest, Bryan Cross, Steve Elliot
Dunlop James Dunlop, Alan Reid, Ambrose Holmes-Mackie, Chris Jones, Roger Karn
Gwyer Syd Gwyer, Richard Gwyer, Paul Gregory, Judy Shewring, Lesley Bennett, Kath Darby
Holden Vic Holden, Roger Badham, Philip Bennett, Dave Cooke,Tom Parker, Roger Wilmott
King Diana King, Phil Green, Di Bishop, Ron King, Prabir Nandi, Peter Sampson
Latchem Dave Latchem, Norman Botton, Philip Howard, Andrew Parkes, Richard Samter, Bob McMurray
Webb Gayle Webb, Susie Gall, Marianne Lewin, John Perry, Trevor Purches, Colin Webb
Williamson Keith Williamson, Taf Anthias, Valerie Austwick, Pat Davies, Katharine Hodgson


Last updated : 21st Nov 2015 08:54 GMT
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