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Notes on the last round ...
Notes on the last round ...

The final round of the season had a disappointingly flat set of boards. There were no good slams, although our teammates managed to bid and make 6D on board 7 and Deep Finesse makes 6C on board 13 on two finesses, and little scope for competitive bidding. The exception was Board 4 where no games are makeable according to DF but EW can make 4H unless defence cash out and it takes a trump lead to beat 4S by N.

It’s only one of 240 boards in the season, but it could be said that Board 4 decided the title. Before last night’s matches, Latchem were 1 VP ahead of Williamson with Holden and Dixon also having chances to win. Williamson got a double game swing on the board and the 15 imps helped them to a 17-3 victory whereas Latchem lost 1 imp (stopping in 3H as EW and sacrificing in 5C* as NS) to end up winning their match 16-4. The two teams finished level on points so the title is shared. Williamson qualify for the Pachabo Cup by virtue of an 11-9 victory in the head-to-head match. I think they deserve it, beating the rest of the top 4 teams and winning more matches than anybody else. I congratulate them (through gritted teeth).

At the other end of the table, Dunlop’s 17-3 victory left Buck to be relegated along with Gwyer.

Many thanks to all participants for an enjoyable season and I hope to see most of you in the autumn.

Richard Samter
Last updated : 29th Mar 2016 17:04 BST
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