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Premier League
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Last updated : 19th Sep 2010 12:44 BST
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Premier League 2013-4 Final Round
Premier League 2013-4 Final Round

Williamson came back from a 15 imp deficit to beat Ashton 12-8 and retain their title despite Latchem’s resounding 20-0 victory over Blandy. Congratulations to them.

At the other end of the table, the bottom teams all picked up a few VPs but lost, leaving their positions unchanged, so Starr and van Praag are relegated.


The cards were as interesting as ever. Boards 2 and 10 are good slams for EW, but 2 is difficult to find after a weak 2H or multi from south. 1 is a very lucky slam for NS, and 17 needs a double-dummy line by E – playing for 3-3 hearts rather than 3-2 spades.


12 is a difficult bidding problem – should W double a weak no trump with 16 points including a singleton K? If so, North will rescue to 2S, and EW should find their heart game. In our match, both players downgraded their hand and played in 2H.



The results were

Latchem beat Blandy         20-0

Dunlop beat Starr              15-5

Holden beat Gwyer            12-8

King beat van Praag          12-8

Williamson beat Ashton     12-8

Moore beat Webb             11-9


This is my last season running the league, and I hope my successor has as few problems as I did. Good Luck to all and see you next season.


Richard Samter

Last updated : 8th Apr 2014 11:28 BST
The Draw 2013-14
25th September Bannister v King Dunlop v van Praag Ashton v Starr Blandy v Williamson Moore v Latchem Gwyer v Webb Richard
10th October van Praag v Ashton Starr v Blandy Williamson v Moore Latchem v Gwyer Webb v Holden Dunlop v Bannister  
25th October Bannister v Ashton King v Dunlop Blandy v van Praag Moore v Starr Gwyer v Williamson Holden v Latchem  
6th November van Praag v Moore Starr v Gwyer Williamson v Holden Latchem v Webb Blandy v Bannister Ashton v King James
26th November Bannister v Moore King v Blandy Dunlop v Ashton Gwyer v van Praag Holden v Starr Webb v Williamson Richard
10th December van Praag v Holden Starr v Webb Williamson v Latchem Gwyer v Bannister Moore v King Blandy v Dunlop Clive
16th January Bannister v Holden King v Gwyer Dunlop v Moore Ashton v Blandy Webb v van Praag Latchem v Starr Pat
31st January van Praag v Latchem Starr v Williamson Webb v Bannister Holden v King Gwyer v Dunlop Moore v Ashton James
18th February Bannister v Latchem King v Webb Dunlop v Holden Ashton v Gwyer Blandy v Moore Williamson v van Praag James
5th March van Praag v Starr Williamson v Bannister Latchem v King Webb v Dunlop Holden v Ashton Gwyer v Blandy James
20th March Bannister v Starr King v Williamson Dunlop v Latchem Ashton v Webb Blandy v Holden Moore v Gwyer  
1st April van Praag v Bannister Starr v King Williamson v Dunlop Latchem v Ashton Webb v Blandy Holden v Moore Richard G
7th April King v van Praag Dunlop v Starr Ashton v Williamson Blandy v Latchem Moore v Webb Gwyer v Holden  
Last updated : 21st Mar 2014 10:06 GMT
Teams 2013-14
Team Players
Latchem Dave Latchem, Philip Howard, Andrew Parkes, Norman Botton, Richard Samter, Diane Bishop
Dunlop James Dunlop, Hugh Gross, Chris Jones, Roger Karn, Bob McMurray, Ambrose Holmes-Mackie
Blandy Sonia Blandy, Dave Hale, Brian Johnson, Georgie Dalton
Bannister Bob Bannister, Tony Olech, Martin Buck, Kevin Hughes, Sam Sloan, Alan White
Holden Vic Holden, Roger Wilmott, Philip Bennett, Dave Cooke, Roger Badham, Tom Parker
Starr Chris Starr, Reg Thorpe, Peter Edwards, Peter Chappell, Stuart Clarke, Kathryn Footner
Williamson Keith Williamson, Katharine Hodgson, Pat Davies, Valerie Austwick, Taf Anthias, Chris Dixon
Ashton Clive Ashton, Sarah Cowell, Tricia Brooks, Marion Rudd, Philip Nind, Nigel Lewis
Webb Colin Webb, Gayle Webb, John Perry, Marianne Lewin, Susie Gall, Trevor Purches
Gwyer Syd Gwyer, Richard Gwyer, Paul Gregory, Judy Shewring, Lerley Bennett, Brian O'Donnell 
King Diana King, Phil Green, Huw Oliver,  Peter Sampson, Ron King (replacement Ian Cain), John Treble
van Praag Pete van Praag, Steve Lawrence, Terry Butler, Liz Butler, Steve Elliott, Margaret Morgan-Jones
Moore Richard Moore, Christine Moore, Roger Bendall, Maurice Baker, John Maggs, Maureen Mobley
Last updated : 24th Oct 2013 07:32 BST
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