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September 26th 2016 Premier League Summary
September 26th 2016 Premier League Summary

Autumn is coming and the leaves are falling, so it’s time for a new season of the Wiltshire Premier League.

The duplimator seems to be keeping us on our toes, with a few possible slams last night, as well as the scope for a defensive brilliancy.

6H on board 6 depends on a 4-1 break and AC being onside (or led if you can contrive to have it played by N). It looks difficult for S to stop short once N has supported hearts and shown an A (and KC if there was room). The three pairs who bid it were disappointed.

6C on 8 is excellent, but minor suit slams are hard to bid with only 28 points and no shortages in the combined hands. We all failed on that one.

6S (or 6NT) is foolproof on board 17 (barring a first-round ruff), but the opponents will probably intervene. NS are unlucky that they have identical distributions, which stops 7S having any play. That didn’t stop four pairs trying it. Board 20 is also difficult to bid and needs very careful play once the clubs are shown to split 4-1. Fortunately the hearts split, so declarer can throw losers in whichever suit was led before West can ruff the fourth heart.

Now it’s time for our team-mates to take a bow. They defended 4H after East had shown at least 5-4 in the majors. Philip led AC and saw that the best chance of defeating the contract was to find Dave with a singleton club. He continued with C2 for Dave to ruff while declarer followed low. Dave reasoned that declarer had KC left, which meant he had at most one diamond. He therefore underled his diamond AK, trusting Philip’s 2C to be a suit preference with QD. Virtue was rewarded when this proved to be the case and 4H was defeated after a second club ruff.

Please note that neither Colin nor I will be at the next match. Richard Gwyer has kindly offered to direct. The scores will be posted, but there might be a slight delay.

Richard Samter

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2016/17 Fixtures



Monday 26 September

Ashton v Dunlop

McGarel Groves v Webb

King v Williamson

Holden v Blandy

Buck v Latchem


Thursday 13 October

Ashton v McGarel-Groves

Dunlop v Williamson

King v Holden

Webb v Buck

Latchem v Blandy


Wednesday 02 November

Ashton v King

Dunlop v Blandy

McGarel-Groves v Buck

Webb v Williamson

Holden v Latchem


Tuesday 22 November

Webb v Ashton

Dunlop v McGarel-Groves

Williamson v Blandy 

Latchem v King

Holden v Buck


Friday 09 December

Buck v Dunlop

Blandy v Webb

McGarel-Groves v King 

Latchem v Williamson

Ashton v Holden


Thursday 12 January

Ashton v Williamson

Holden v Dunlop

Blandy v Buck

McGarel-Groves v Latchem

King v Webb


Friday 03 February

Buck v Ashton

Latchem v Dunlop

McGarel-Groves v Williamson

King v Blandy

Holden v Webb


Wednesday 22 February

Latchem v Ashton

King v Buck

Dunlop v Webb

McGarel-Groves v Blandy

Williamson v Holden


Tuesday 14 March

Blandy v Ashton

Webb v Latchem

Dunlop v King

McGarel-Groves v Holden

Williamson v Buck

















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2016/17 Teams
Team Players
Ashton Clive Ashton, Sarah Cowell, Nigel Lewis, Philip Nind, Andy Tilling, Paul Wright
Blandy Sonia Blandy, Georgie Dalton, Dave Hale, Brian Johnson, Sue Hands, Gary Reynolds
Buck Martin Buck, Bob Bannister, Kevin Hughes, Pam Merrell
Dunlop James Dunlop, James Green, Ambrose Holmes-Mackie, Chris Jones, Roger Karn, Stuart Bridge
Holden Vic Holden, Roger Badham, Philip Bennett, Mark Sheppard, Tom Parker, Roger Wilmott
King Diana King, Phil Green, Mike Toft, Ron King, Ray Walder
Latchem Dave Latchem, Norman Botton, Philip Howard, Andrew Parkes, Richard Samter, Bob McMurray
McGarel-Groves Nick Pegg, Tony Olech, Harvey Thomas, Peter Samson, Jana Zlamalova
Webb Gayle Webb, Susie Gall, Marianne Lewin, John Perry, Trevor Purches, Colin Webb
Williamson Keith Williamson, Taf Anthias, Valerie Austwick, Pat Davies, Katharine Hodgson, Roy France


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