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League 1
League 1 Summary
League 1 Summary

15 November 2017 League 1 Summary
Wow! What a set of boards!! The second half had six hands with 20+ points. I’m no statistician, but that certainly doesn’t happen every day. Only one of them (22) had a good slam, and that’s a test of partnerships’ bidding skills. 6S is easy to find, but 7 is a lot trickier. It’s possible if you play 5NT after Blackwood as ‘bid your lowest king’, but ‘how many’ or the modern ‘king held or not held’ will not locate South’s KD. A cue-bidding sequence might be better. South should open 2NT or equivalent. Playing 5-card Stayman, North can discover the 9-card spade fit. If the partnership’s cue-bidding style is to bid the lowest control rather than aces first, the auction could proceed:
2NT    3C
3S       4C
4D       4NT
5C (1 or 4).
North can now count 6 spade tricks including a club ruff, 5 diamonds and 2 aces and bid 7S confidently. Sadly none of us managed it. I went straight into Blackwood after 3S and could not find out about the diamonds.
After the fourth round of matches, it’s starting to look like a two-horse race. Blandy’s 12-8 victory over Williamson left them 3 behind, with a large gap to Holden in third place. At the uncomfortable end of the table, wins for the bottom three teams tightened the position and probably left the other eight teams nervous about relegation.
Richard Samter


Last updated : 16th Nov 2017 14:27 GMT
Hands from Session 1 (18 Sept) - Click here
2016/17 Fixtures


FIXTURES (First Team is Home)  

Monday 18 September

Dunlop v McGarel Groves 

Webb v van Pragg

Williamson v Ashton

Blandy v Holden

Latchem v Buck

Devizes Bowls Club

Thursday 05 October

McGarel-Groves v van Pragg

Dunlop v Blandy 

Holden v Ashton

Buck v Williamson

Webb v Latchem

Devizes Bowls Club

Friday 27 October

Blandy v Webb

Latchem v van Pragg

Buck v Ashton

Williamson v Dunlop

Holden v McGarel-Groves

Devizes Bowls Club

Wednesday 15 November

Dunlop v van Praag

McGarel-Groves v Webb

Blandy v Williamson 

Ashton v Latchem 

Holden v Buck

Trowbridge Rugby Club

Tuesday 05 December

Latchem v Dunlop

Buck v Blandy

Ashton v McGarel-Groves

Williamson v Webb

Holden v van Praag

Devizes Bowls Club

Thursday 11 January

Latchem v Williamson

Dunlop v Ashton

van Praag v Buck

McGarel-Groves v Blandy

Holden v Webb

Devizes Bowls Club

Friday 02 February

Ashton v Webb

Latchem v McGarel-Groves

Williamson v Holden

Blandy v van Praag

Buck v Dunlop

Devizes Bowls Club

Tuesday 20 February

Dunlop v Webb

Holden v Latchem 

McGarel-Groves v Buck

Ashton v Blandy

van Praag v Williamson

Devizes Bowls Club

Wednesday 14 March

Ashton v van Praag

Latchem v Blandy

Holden v Dunlop

Williamson v McGarel-Groves

Buck v Webb

Trowbridge Rugby Club
















Last updated : 16th Aug 2017 11:32 BST
2016/17 Teams
Team Players
Ashton Clive Ashton, Sarah Cowell, Nigel Lewis, Philip Nind, Paul Wright, Roger McKenney
Blandy Sonia Blandy, Georgie Dalton, Dave Hale, Brian Johnson, Sue Hands
Buck Martin Buck, Bob Bannister, Kevin Hughes, Pam Merrell
Dunlop James Dunlop, James Green, Ambrose Holmes-Mackie, Chris Jones, Roger Karn, Stuart Bridge
Holden Vic Holden, Roger Badham, Philip Bennett, Mark Sheppard, Tom Parker, Hugh Gross
Latchem Dave Latchem, Norman Botton, Philip Howard, Andrew Parkes, Richard Samter, Bob McMurray
McGarel-Groves Nick Pegg, Tony Olech, Chris Clements, Peter Wright, Jana Zlamalova
van Praag Steve Elliot, Davor Vukanovic, May Morgan Jones, Terry and Liz Butler
Webb Gayle Webb, Susie Gall, Marianne Lewin, John Perry, Trevor Purches, Colin Webb
Williamson Keith Williamson, Taf Anthias, Valerie Austwick, Pat Davies, Katharine Hodgson, Roy France


Last updated : 2nd Aug 2017 14:52 BST
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