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ACBL one page summaries

The major bidding conventions in a handy one page format for each can be found in the Bidding Toolbox on the ACBL site. Click HERE to read or print..

Bridge Bum

A much more complete list of conventions with short summaries is at the Bridge Bum web site.

Completing your convention card

You probably understand that the convention card is primarily for the benefit of your opponents. You may be surprised to learn that the process of completing your convention card is a great learning experience. Of course, the best way of completing a convention card is to sit down with your regular partner and complete the card step by step. But if you play occasionally with other partners, having a completed card will simplify and shorten the time spent just before a game with a new partner.

Completing all of the sections may seem like a daunting task. What do some of those abbreviations mean? What do the colours mean? Certainly it will take a couple of hours if you are doing it together with your partner. Fortunately, we have located a couple of resource sites on the web which will prove useful:

We recommend that everyone playing at Wayne's Bridge World have a completed convention card available. If you are having any difficulty completing your card, please contact us.

We also recommend that you use one of the available convention card editors that you can install on your computer. These editors allow you to save one or more cards. This has the following benefits:

  • If you play with a variety of partners, you can save a card tailored to each partnership.
  • Having the ability to print out your card enables you to avoid having to complete a new card every time you make a change or having a card full of deletions and messy updates.

A list of some available convention card editors is on the ACBL web site. We recommend the program by Chuck Tesler. Click HERE to download this FREE program. Contact Chuck or Bill Jensen if you need any technical help.