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Continuing education

We encourage everyone to continue improving by taking a few classes each year. Some of the schools we recommend are:

  • Barbara Seagram school of bridge
  • Enid Roitman bridge school
  • Hazel's bridge club

Click here to get information on courses.

Bridge schools
Bridge schools

Many Bridge Clubs offer excellent lessons for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced players. Visit the websites listed below for additional information.

Barbara Seagram Toronto School of Bridge

Bayview and Hwy 401


Hazel's Bridge Club

Yonge and Steeles


Josee Hammill's classes


2737 Bayview Avenue (Bayview and 401)

Contact Josée at or 416-300-9140

Visit Josée's website at

Enid Roitman's courses

Spring 2018

Defense (Intermediate Level)


Enid Roitman


Trinity Presbyterian Church (2737 Bayview Ave.)

Thursday Afternoons ( 6 sessions )  1 PM to 3 PM

April 19, 26, May 3, 10, 17, & 24

Registration Fee:  $120

Topics:  Opening Leads, 2nd & 3rd Hand Play, Signals (Attitude, Count, Suit Preference), Lead Directing Doubles, Rule of 11, Inferences, Surrounding Play

For further info, please email Enid: