Coming Events & Entries

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The next event will be the Red Point Matchpoint Swiss Pairs and sessions and will be held on Tuesday evenings 7.30pm on:

Tuesday June 19, 26 and July 3.  Click on the event to put in your entry.


Our new daytime Club Champion event for 2018 has been running successfully now for 6 months.

The coming three week daytime Red Point events with qualifying points will be:

Harry Waters Swiss Pairs Friday 10.30 am

                August 17, 24 and 31

Daytime Club Pairs Monday 10.00 am

                September 3, 11 and 18

Olive Shrimpton Swiss Pairs Monday 10.00 am

                November 12, 19 and 26

Championship Points will be awarded for Red Point events are as follows:

1st Place               15 points
2nd Place              10 points
3rd Place               7 points
4th Place               5 points
5th Place               3 points

The next day time duplicate session which will attract Championship Points will be Monday June 11
It will feel just like a normal duplicate session, but for players who play in their grade, or above, Championship points will be awarded to place getters in all sections.

Grades are:

Red:       Both players Under 100  MP

Blue:      Both players Under 300  MP

Green:  Open

Points will be awarded for duplicate sessions as follows:

1st  Place each way           6 points
2nd Place each way           4 points
3rd Place each way           2 points

In order to gain points in any event you will need to be a club member, and play with a club member.

The second duplicate session offering Championship points will be Friday January 26. 

Qualifying June sessions are:

Monday June 11
Friday June 22

Qualifying July sessions are:

Monday July 9
Friday July 27