Workshops and further training


A series of Intermediate Workshops is currently running.

9.30 am - 12.00 pm

Saturday Feb. 17        Stayman
Saturday Feb 24         Transfers
Saturday March 3       Negative Doubles
Saturday March 17     Bidding Very Strong Hands
Saturday March 24     Preemptive Bidding
Saturday April 7         Reverses
Saturday April 14       Planning the Play for Trump Contracts
Saturday April 21       Planning the Play for No Trump Contracts
Saturday April 28       Leads, Signals and Discards

Table fees:  $15 for members; $17 for visitors

Please note, there has been a change in this timetable owing to the fact that March 10 is a Public Holiday weekend.
One extra workshop has also been added - April 28 - Leads, Signal and Discards.