Waverley Bridge Club
Workshops and further training

October 7:
Balancing:  a workshop with Bill Jacobs.   For Intermediate and experienced players.

Your left-hand opponent opens 1 of a suit, and this is passed around to you.  Do you pass, and let them play there, or do you bid?  The guidelines for this decision are quite different to other overcalling situations … in this seminar, we explore what to do, and why, in both this and other balancing situations. 

Table fee:  $18 per player, payable at the session.

A short series of workshops is currently being held on Saturday mornings, running from 9.30 am - 12.00 pm. This series of workshops is designed for improving players and will be run by Mary Elson
September 16:  Stayman
September 23:  Transfers
September 30:  Reverses
October 14:  Negative Doubles
October 28:  An introduction to Signals
November 11:  Preemptive Bidding

Table fees:  $16 for members; $18 for visitors, payable at the session.
If you book in for all six sessions, the cost will be $85 for members and $95 for visitors.