Watford and Bushey Bridge Club

Watford & Bushey Bridge Club Tel No05601 114 470 or email: wbbcemail@gmail.com for any queries.

Visitors are welcome but partners are needed on Tuesdays and Fridays. From 10th Jan the visitor table money is £5.

Need a Partner/Team Mates? Call Donald Reid on 01923 227 969 at dreidd@aol.com

Other Useful Information

Misinformation and Misbids:
What you can do when you think you are damaged by an opponent's bid or a wrong explanation of a bid. Garry Conrad sheds some light on this tricky subject. Click here for the whole article.

Teams Events - see your Cross Imps
If you would like to see how you did in Teams events do the following:
On the Results Page-Click  on the Team event required, then on Name,  Play It Again,  BS Online,  Result Analysis,  All Pairs.