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EBU MasterPoint Promotions

Have you been promoted this month?


Please remember that it is the responsibility of both pairs 
to notify wpl@warwickshirebridge.co.uk of any pair off.  

You should also inform us of any subs to ensure they get any masterpoints they may win!

Click to see the confirmed pair offs

If you need to advertise for another pair to  pair off - Click Here

Competitions for Experienced Players 2017-18
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Laws & Regulations
Bidding for the Future: 2013-18
'Bidding for the Future: 2013-18' 
Click to read the full plan.
Calendar 2017-18

Please note that dates are still subject to change and Clubs are advised not to book anything without confirming the date wiht WCBA before so doing.

Due to resourcing issues, Warwickshire's Calendar will from now only contain events run directly by, or in association with, Warwickshire CBA.

ANY CLUB OPEN EVENT requires the approval of WCBA as part of the EBU Licensing Process

Calendar 2016-17

The 2016-17 calendar is now confirmed.

However, please check with WCBA before finalising anything that relies on the dates contained therein.

Calendar 2015-16

Calendar 2014-15
Calendar 2013-14