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Please remember that it is the responsibility of both pairs 
to notify wpl@warwickshirebridge.co.uk of any pair off.  

You should also inform us of any subs to ensure they get any masterpoints they may win!

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Bidding for the Future: 2013-18
'Bidding for the Future: 2013-18' 
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Birmingham I
Warwickshire Pairs League

Warwickshire Pairs League - Birmingham Division I
2008(2) S Byrne & G Kendall
2008(1) D Crofts, P Loweth & D Heighway, D Gough
2007(2) M Leese, S Wood
2007(1) S & G Morris

Warwickshire Invitation Pairs Division I
Rainbow Trophy
2006 A Imam, A Mostafa
2005 A & H McBride
2004 S Darby, D Evetts
2003 M & J Shingler
2002 A Palmer, N Wash
2001 S Wood, JM Leese
2000 N Selwyn, D Franks
1999 J Cooper, D Crofts
1998 A Pacek, G Siment
1997 G Potter, J Downing
1996 G Potter, J Downing
1995 C Hall, P Cotterill
1994 A Sant, L Reece
1993 L Johnston, S Byne
1992 D Beck, P Williams
1991 T Gundle, D Heighway
1990 G Clark, P Oldbury
1989 E Orme-Jones, J Powel
1988 M Amon, P Heatherington
1987 J Robbins, N Selwyn
1986 H Brown, B Ratcliffe
1985 P Edwards, M Willoughby
1984 M Amos, L Reece
1983 P Chapman, R Saines
1982 I Lavery, J wright
1981 J Fenwick, S Spence
1980 M Arrand, D Williams
1979 P Cotterill, C Hall
1978 B Hassell, D Lakin
1977 D Georgevic, J Cole
1976 R Bevan, K Jackson
1975 l Reece, I Lovery
1974 D Hulston, D Wood
1973 J Hare, P Templeman

1972 G Howard, R Harris
1971 J McDonald, G Stamford
1970 Mr & Mrs R Chamberlain
1969 R Bryant, K Thompson
1968 Mr & Mrs O Bailey
1967 B Hassell, D Lakin
1966 N Watkinson, R Flood