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Welcome to Warrington Bridge Club
Warrington Bridge Club

Welcome to Warrington Bridge Club web site. Visitors are welcome to come in and look around. If you have any questions about our club or bridge generally please feel happy to send me an email: I will try to help.


Visitors are welcome to join in our sessions.  Please arrive by at least 7-10 for 7-20 start. 

Why play bridge ??

To stay healthy and live a long happy life we need to take care of body mind and spirit, Even if your work takes care of the mind part it may be wise to be prepared for retirement. Crosswords or number puzzles are fine but if you want to be sociable at the same time look for a suitable game. The best are Chess,Scrabble and Bridge. The advantages of Bridge are that it is an ideal game for two couples entertaining and there are plenty of clubs near by where you can meet people. Lots of holidays home or abroad and cruises have bridge organised:it sure beats what passes as ‘entertainment’ on the normal type of holiday (only my view). You can take it as far as you want from family fun up to international competition.

English Bridge Union
We work hard to make an evening of duplicate bridge a happy occasion for all participants. There are clubs which boast that they follow EBU regulations and guidelines but we are members of the EBU and thus we are bound by more than lip service. We are particularly pleased that 11 of our members recently completed the EBU directors course and these all take turns to direct the club evening and ensure the game is played in the best spirit within the rules.
What kind of bridge?
We play duplicate bridge two evenings a week Monday and Thursday. This is usually Match Pointed Pairs typically every pair will meet 8 or 9 other pairs and play three hands against each. At the end of the night your score is compared with other pairs and match points are earned simply by making a better score than others who had the same cards.

In the winter one session a month is for multiple teams and here people compete as a team of four. These evenings will be clearly flagged on the calendar: visitors will be just as welcome as any other night you just need to be sure to come in a four rather than a two. In a team game you strive to gain imps by scoring better than the opposing team did with the same hand the margin of victory is converted to points on the international scale.

In the summer there is a knock out teams competition: these matches are individually arranged and have little impact on the normal duplicate activities.

There are leagues locally in which we do not have an official club team but several members take part.

Bank Holiday

We will be open on the Sping Bank Holiday.