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Duplicate Bridge Session Results are available via the 'Recent Results' Page, and via the BridgeMaster link on the 'Useful Links' Page (see Main Menu).

See also the Bridge Unlimited link for Club Events, ABF Events, Victorian Congress Events and Previous Year Events.

Recent Results

This page shows the PDF based results for our recent Duplicate Bridge Sessions.

The PDF files are listed in descending date order, bearing in mind that the file name is generated using a year, month, day format.

After reading the PDF, select 'Close Tab' to return to this page.

On smart-phones, downloads of these files may be to a separate directory (usually called 'downloads').

For results older than those shown here, please use the BridgeMaster website, as shown under Useful Links, or click on the link shown below.


Overall Results : WBC_TUE180626B Results.pdf

Board Summary : WBC_TUE180626B Board Summary.pdf

Pairs Summary : WBC_TUE180626B Pairs Summary.pdf

Overall Results : WBC_TUE180612B Results.pdf

Board Summary : WBC_TUE180612B Board Summary.pdf

Pairs Summary : WBC_TUE180612B Pairs Summary.pdf

Overall Results : WBC_TUE180605B Results.pdf

Board Summary : WBC_TUE180605B Board Summary.pdf

Pairs Summary : WBC_TUE180605B Pairs Summary.pdf

Overall Results : WBC_TUE180522B Results.pdf

Board Summarry : WBC_TUE180522B Board Summary.pdf

Pairs Summary : WBC_TUE180522B Pairs Summary.pdf

Overall Results : WBC_TUE180508B Results.pdf

Board Summary : WBC_TUE180508B Board Summary.pdf

Pairs Summary : WBC_TUE180508B Pairs Summary.pdf

Overall Results : WBC_TUE180501B Results.pdf

Board Summary : WBC_TUE180501B Board Summary.pdf

Pairs Summary : WBC_TUE180501B Pairs Summary.pdf

April Red Points Event, 2018

Overall Results (combined data Sessions 1, 2 and 3) : Red-Points-April-2018.pdf

Session 3 : Overall Results : APR2018_S3 Results by section.pdf

Board Summary : APR2018_S3-1 Blue Board Summary.pdf

Player Summary : CC2017_S3-1 Blue Player Summary.pdf

Session 2 : Overall Results : APR2018_S2 Results by section.pdf

Board Summary : APR2018_S2-1 Blue Board Summary.pdf

Player Summary : APR2018_S2-1 Blue Player Summary.pdf

Session 1 : Overall Results : APR2018_S1 Results by section.pdf

Board Summary : APR2018_S1-1 Blue Board Summary.pdf

Player Summary : APR2018_S1-1 Blue Player Summary.pdf

Overall Results : WBC_THE180405B Results.pdf

Board Summary : WBC_THE180405B Board Summary.pdf

Pairs Summary : WBC_THE180405B Pairs Summary.pdf

Overall Results : WBC_TUE180403B Results.pdf

Board Summary : WBC_TUE180403B Board Summary.pdf

Pairs Summary : WBC_TUE180403B Pairs Summary.pdf

Overall Results : WBC_TUE180327B Results.pdf

Board Summary : WBC_TUE180327B Board Summary.pdf

Pairs Summary : WBC_TUE180327B Pairs Summary.pdf

Overall Results : WBC_THE180322B Results.pdf

Board Summary : WBC_THE180322B Board Summary.pdf

Pairs Summary : WBC_THE180322B Pairs Summary.pdf

Overall Results : WBC_TUE180320B Results.pdf

Board Summary : WBC_TUE180320B Board Summary.pdf

Pairs Summary : WBC_TUE180320B Pairs Summary.pdf

Overall Results : WBC_TUE180313B Results.pdf

Board Summary : WBC_TUE180313B Board Summary.pdf

Pairs Summary : WBC_TUE180313B Pairs Summary.pdf

Overall Results : WBC_TUE180306B Results.pdf

Board Summary : WBC_TUE180306B Board Summary.pdf

Pairs Summary : WBC_TUE180306B Pairs Summary.pdf