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Duplicate Bridge Session Results are available via the 'Recent Results' Page, and via the BridgeMaster link on the 'Useful Links' Page (see Main Menu).

See also the Bridge Unlimited link for Club Events, ABF Events, Victorian Congress Events and Previous Year Events.

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Special Message

There will be five Bridge Congress Events held in our local area during 2017. See the Main Menu for more details.

Thursday Bridge

Please note that we have reverted to evening sessions on Thursdays.

Start time is 7.30pm, please be seated by 7.15pm


Open Pairs Championship
Open Pairs Club Championship Results

Open Pairs Club Championships (1993 to 2017)

 1993  K Smith  V Sanderson
 1994  A Harris  R McQuade
 1995  M Brown  J Nankervis
 1996  M Brown  J Nankervis
 1997  D Fox  D Ware
 1998  D Fox  V Sanderson
 1999  M Brown  J Nankervis
 2005  J Dick  K Haywood
 2006  T Coyle  V Sanderson
 2007  M Brown  J Nankervis
 2008  A Conway  R McQuade
 2009  J Clifford  E Underwood
 2010  K Smith  M Wallis
 2011  M Brown  J Nankervis
 2012  M Brown  J Nankervis
 2013  D Murray  J Witte
 2014  S Bihun  M Byrne
 2015  K Smith  M Wallis
 2016  J Ellix  M Rosenow
 2017  K Smith  M Wallis