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About our Club
About Wangaratta Bridge Cliub
About Wangaratta Bridge Cliub

The Ovens and Murray Bridge Club was established in 1980, by five keen novice bridge players, with three key objectives,

    To play Duplicate Contract Bridge, rather than Rubber Bridge .
    To provide the opportunity for players to develop a bidding system to suit their individual level, and style, with a regular partner.
    To encourage participation in local Victorian and Riverina Congresses, under the guidelines of the Australian Bridge Association, and the World Bridge Association.

Bridge classes in bidding, card play and defensive leads and signals were held several times a year for beginners, and intermediate players, by local teachers, as well as yearly weekend classes by notable bridge authors such as Ron Klinger, Paul Marston and Paul Lavings.

In 1983 the club was active in the development of the Northern Region Bridge Association, with the Ovens and Murray Bridge team winning the first yearly team match of the newly formed group. The club held more than twenty Regional and local Congresses in Wangaratta over the next twenty-five years.

Over the first few years the Club met regularly in several different, but less than satisfactory, venues. In 1986, the club became incorporated and the current Bridge Club rooms were built for $40,000, with the assistance of a land lease on the Showgrounds, a loan at 15.1 % interest from the City of Wangaratta, and the enthusiastic financial and volunteer involvement of the entire club. The club rooms were officially opened in 1987.

The Ovens and Murray Bridge Club has seen the passing of spoken and written bidding, and manual scoring, with the introduction of computerised technology, and use of Bridgemates.

Many changes have occurred over the past thirty-five years, and the Club also continues to change.

In 2012, the name of the Ovens and Murray Bridge Club was changed to the Wangaratta Bridge Club.