Welcome to Wallingford Bridge Club

The Wallingford Duplicate Bridge Club is a thriving and very active club with over 300 members, based at Berrick and Roke Village Hall, OX10 6JJ.

We are delighted to welcome new members – please click here for more information. 

Players come from all over Oxfordshire including Wallingford, Oxford, Thame, Henley, Abingdon, Benson and surrounding villages. We have playing sessions to suit players of all abilities.  Our Bridge Programme can be found in the left hand menu.  Visitors are very welcome at all sessions. 

If you are interested in learning how to play bridge, details of bridge classes can be found in the menu. We look forward to welcoming you at the Club.

Please be seated 10 minutes before the session starts.

Pead Plate - Friday 19 October.2018

The annual competition for the Pead plate will take place on Friday 19 October.  As in the previous 2 years, this will be a Pro-Am handicapped event. Each team will consist of 2 players with handicaps >53 and 2 players with handicaps <53.  The handicaps can be found here. Entries should be made by email to Margaret Sloper (rmsloper@gmail.com). You can enter as a complete team, a pair or an individual.  The pairs and individuals will be made up into teams according to the order in which the entries are received.

Friday 19 October will be the club's charity night and our chosen charity this year will be The Maggie Centre attached to the Churchill Hospital in Oxford, which provides support to cancer sufferers and their families.  During the week commencing Monday 15 October, raffle tickets will be on sale at the club and the winning ticket will be drawn on the evening of the Pead Plate.  The prize will be a £50 voucher for a meal for two at a local restaurant.

Message from David Emerson - 6 Nov and 4 Dec 2018

My Tuesday evening Beginning Bridge group are few in number but very keen! I and they would love them to experience the social side of the game, and so we'd like to invite members to come and play with us in a couple of our sessions this term, free of charge:

Tuesday 6th November - EBED MiniBridge Simultaneous Pairs

7:30 - 9:30, Village Hall

Come and join us to have a go at MiniBridge, a version of bridge which is a very interesting game in its own right. The bidding process is much simplified, but the play is exactly the same as bridge. If you've never played before, the game will be explained in full. The students' results will go forward to the national simultaneous event results, but unfortunately more experienced players aren't eligible for this. Wine and nibbles provided.

Tuesday 4th December - Play Session and "Christmas Party"

7:30 - 9:30, Village Hall

I'm hoping this will be the students' first duplicate session, in a friendly and festive atmosphere. Seasonal refreshments provided.

Please bear in mind that the pace of play will be slow and that these are brand new bridge players and we need to nurture them as they discover the game. I'll be limiting both events to 4 tables, so that the group are not overwhelmed by lots of new faces, so if you could e-mail me at david.emerson201@btinternet.com if you're interested in coming to either or both sessions, that would be great.

Thank you very much for your help in bringing new players to the game and the club,

David Emerson

Latest Committee Meeting Minutes 18th Sept 2018

The latest minutes for 18th September 2018 are now published in the members' area of the website. Select and click Members Only Area from the left hand column menu, log in then select Members Only Notices again from the left hand column menu.

Handicap Teams - 31st November 2018

You might have noticed from your calendars that the fifth Friday of the month, when it occurs, is Handicapped Teams.

This year the competition will be run on the fifth Fridays of March, June, August and November. The winning team will be judged by the 3 best scores out of 4.

Please arrange your own teams – there are no restrictions on the composition of a team. Just turn up on the night to play. We welcome teams of all abilities, and, hopefully the handicaps will level the playing field.

The rules for the competition are available on the website under competitions - (then select competition rules) or click here

Car Parking

The overflow car park is up and running and should give us all year round use for many years. Two additional lights are planned very soon to improve visibility and pedestrian safety.

If we park efficiently, we can accommodate over 50 cars, enough to cope with our maximum hall limit of 25 tables.

Our preferred parking arrangements, especially for busy sessions like Monday and Wednesday evenings as well as tournaments, are:

See also diagram Car parking protocol 2018.pdf

1. Main Car Park

For highly popular sessions, double parking is encouraged on the right hand (i.e. sports field fence) side of the main car park, to help reduce the load on the overflow. The front row can accommodate up to 10 cars and 6-7 are possible in the second row without blocking the entrance to the overflow. Note: as a trial, on Wednesday evenings, this area will be reserved only for Section B, allowing them to get away early before the main section comes out. Please do not block people in on Wednesdays if you are not playing in Section B.

2. Overflow Car Park Protocol

Please continue to use the 'one way' system we have had in the overflow for the last few years, i.e. after entry, drive right round and park in rows facing the sports field. This maximizes the capacity of the car park and, importantly, nobody has to reverse while people are walking across to their cars in the dark.  However it does mean waiting for the row in front to clear before you can leave obviously.

Please avoid parking along the far edge of the overflow car park (which could prevent later arrivals from driving round to the top) and do not park on the grass verges.

Daytime Bridge for Autumn Days

As the long hot summer starts to turn to Autumn, a reminder that Wallingford Bridge Club holds day time duplicate bridge sessions.


These are every Monday morning (except 2nd Monday of the month) from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Thursday afternoon with about 18 boards from 2 p.m. to 4.15 p.m. and Friday afternoon with about 24 boards from 1.30pm to 4.30 p.m.  Players of all levels are welcome, hosts are usually available on all days if you don't have a partner, and of course refreshments are available. 

Thank you to Richardsons Chartered Accountants

Wallingford Bridge Club thank  Richardsons Chartered Accountants, for the latest generous donation of 400 packs of playing cards. 

Bridge for All Video

Bridge for All is the national learning programme, and this video helps potential students see the different options that are available to them.


Below are links for the two pubs near the Bridge Club. 

Chequers - Food served all day from 12 to 9pm in the evening

Home Sweet Home  - Food served lunchtime and from 6.30 in the evening.

News Web Updates

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For news archive click here.

Broadband & Club Phone

The Club's telephone number is 01865 400924. 

Broadband  password for WiFi is 'wallingford'

Open Pairs
Morning Bridge
Friday Afternoon
Friendly Pairs
Section B
Wed 17th Oct 2018
Section B
Thu 18th Oct 2018
Friendly Pairs
Fri 19th Oct 2018
Friday Afternoon
Fri 19th Oct 2018
Pead Plate
Mon 22nd Oct 2018
Morning Bridge
Mon 22nd Oct 2018
Mon 22nd Oct 2018
Supervised Play
Director: Patricia
Scorer: Patricia
Tue 23rd Oct 2018
Pre-scored Chicago
1.30-4.30 drop in session
Wed 24th Oct 2018
Mixed Pairs
Wed 24th Oct 2018
Section B
Thu 25th Oct 2018
Friendly Pairs
Fri 26th Oct 2018
Friday Afternoon