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Yorkshire Leagues - season 2018 - 2019

Fixture lists for the 2018 - 2019 season are now available on the YCBA Website.


Visitors Welcome

Visitors are always welcome to our club. 

On Monday morning (supported play) and Tuesday evening you can come without a partner.

On Monday and Thursday evenings please come with a partner, or contact the Secretary in advance to see whether a partner is available.


Welcome to Wakefield Bridge Club
2018 President's Trophy Winners
2018 President's Trophy Winners

Our congratulations go to Brian Leggetter and Dennis Thompson on their victory in the (delayed) 2018 President's Trophy Swiss Pairs competition.  Their total of 103 points was 10 clear of the field but they were pushed all the way by three very good pairs who shared second place with 93 points each: Dorothy Jordan/Gerry Lumb, Christine Stack/Jenny Davies and Sue & Trevor Thick.  The event as a whole was well-received, so Swiss Pairs may feature more often in future.

It's smiles all round as our President Nigel Walker presents the trophy to Brian and Dennis.

2018 Christmas Cup Winners
2018 Christmas Cup Winners

Our congratulations go to Karen Lemm and her husband Martin Fenton for their clear victory in the handicap stakes of the Christmas Cup.  In 2017 they won the Christmas Charity Cup, so it seems they are beginning to make a habit of Christmas wins.  Well done to them both!

Yorkshire League Matches - 17th Feb 2019

The teams selected to represent Wakefield in round 6 on 17th Feb are in the attachment below. 


NICKO Success

The Wakefield team of Ian Johns, John O'Sullivan, Tony Murray and Geoff Newman came from behind to win their NICKO Plate match against a good Doncaster team, they were trailing by 19 IMP's at half time but rallied in the second half to win by 2 IMP's.  There were two crucial boards in the second half that contributed to this win, the first was where Ian and John bid to a good 6 Club contract which for some reason the Doncaster pair stopped in 4 Clubs, that was 15 IMP's and the second was due to some excellent declarer play by Ian to land a 3 No Trump contract when the opponents stopped in 2 No Trumps which was defeated by two tricks, that produced another 11 IMP swing.  The above board is the one in question - East led the  2, Ian tried the  Q which was covered by the  K and allowed to hold, another round of hearts was again won by West and Ian won the third round with the  A.  Next came a spade to the King and another spade to the 10, Jack and Queen, East now switched to a low club and Ian hopped up with the ♣ K and then cashed his remaining Spades and Diamonds for 10 tricks.  The play at the other table went along similar lines until the low club was led when the Doncaster declarer played the ♣ J , East won and cashed two more Hearts followed by a Club to the Ace, 2NT down two.  The point of the hand is that if West holds the ♣ A then the contract is down so playing the ♣ K is the only hope if West holds the Queen and East the Ace, well played Ian.


Wakefield Bridge Club

Wakefield Bridge Club is based at the West Yorkshire Sports and Social Club, Sandal Hall Close, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF2 6ER. The club was founded in November 1953 and now has more than 185 members. 

We play duplicate bridge on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and - for beginners - on Monday morning.  See the note to the right for more detail on the different sessions.  We generally field between eight and eleven tables, and visitors are always welcome.   

The club has ample parking and a fully licensed bar.  Although we play in an upstairs room disability is no handicap to playing - there is a stair lift, and table movements can readily accommodate the less mobile.

The Secretary is Stephen Hanslip.  Please contact him on 01924-220863 or 0781 555 3130 - or at

The Match Secretary is Geoff Newman.  For any enquiries about Yorkshire League Matches please contact him on 01924-276549 or 07720878696 - or at

The club subscribes on members' behalf to Pianola, an online tool which helps you review your performance, analyse where you went wrong - and see how you can do things better in future.  If you have accepted the invitation from the club to join, just click the button below to log in to Pianola.  If you would like another invitation simply email or phone the Secretary.

Login to Pianola

Looking to start playing bridge....?

Newcomer to the game, intrigued by what you have heard or seen?

Returning to the game, after a long time away?

Able to play, but no partner - not sure how to find one?

We may have the answer - just call the Secretary Stephen Hanslip on 0781 555 3130, or email him at

All you have to do is make that first step - we'll take it from there.  

Our Playing Sessions
Our Playing Sessions

Our playing sessions have now settled down into their new pattern, and although we can't claim to offer something for everybody there is a reasonable mix.....

Monday Morning - Guided Play -  The emphasis is on playing the game, but at a gentle pace that will help build confidence and experience.  These sessions aim to ease the transition from lessons to play, and experienced players are always on hand to offer support to newcomers and returners to the game.  Advice can be given during the play itself, and nobody need feel out of their depth.  It's helpful if you can come with a partner, but with plenty of club hosts on hand you are guaranteed a partner - and you can usually chooose between sombody of your own standard, or an experienced club member. 

This is perhaps the most popular route in to the club; we see new players on a regular basis, and everybody is welcome.  And if you just want to turn up and watch for a while, and talk about the game with an established player, that's fine too.

Once you feel ready to launch out into something a little more demanding, why not try the Lighter Bridge sessions on Tuesday evening? 

Tuesday Evening - Lighter Bridge - The relaxed evening sessions see us play at a (very) slightly slower pace than on Monday and Thursday evenings, and with only 18 - 21 boards we will complete the session by 10 pm.  Club hosts are always on hand, so you are guaranteed a partner for the evening, and for those who want it there is plenty of help and advice available - once the hand has been played!  All players receive credits towards their National Grading Scheme scores, and there are  EBU Master Points for the winners and runners-up.  This session is proving increasingly popular - we now regularly have 12, 13 or more tables.

Monday and Thursday evenings - These have a more competitive atmosphere, and the beginner would find them quite testing.  Club hosts are available on an occasional basis (especially Thursdays), but if you don't have a partner please check with the Secretary before attending.  Our normal mode of play is Pairs, but we also have regular monthly Teams events.  These are shown on the Calendar, but if you are planning on joining us at one of those evenings, again, please check with the Secretary first.  From time to time we also have other Teams events, and an occasional Swiss Pairs event; the last session of our playing year, at the end of March, is an Individual competition. 

Need to know:

Please try to be in the playing room 15 minutes before the advertised start of play.  Results are always available immediately at the end of play. 

A visitor's first session is free, and the next three sessions - up to an overall limit of four - cost table money + 50p.  Before the fourth session is reached visitors may be invited to apply for membership of the club.

Monday morning - start 09.30; finish before 12.30; table money £2.

Tuesday evening - start 19.00, finish by 22.00; table money £2.

Monday and Thursday evenings - start 19.10, finish about 22.30; table money £2.50

Membership 2016 - 2017: £35 per annum (and pro rata for those joining during the year).

The Calendar....

The Calendar shows the first three dates only.... please click the Calendar tab on the left of this page for the full list of forthcoming events.


Tuesday Lighter Bridge
Director: Peter Wallace
Scorer: Stephen Hanslip
Monday No Fears
Director: Danny Parsonson
Scorer: Stephen Hanslip
Monday Evening Pairs
Director: PW
Scorer: PJ
19th Feb 2019
Tuesday Evening Pairs
21st Feb 2019
Margery Cartwright Sim Pairs
25th Feb 2019
Monday No Fears