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Many of the tabs at left under Lessons contain various handouts that I have used in past and current bridge classes. Please feel free to use and share. I'll add more as time permits and as classes progress.

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I'm thinking of holding an Intermediate Play Course beginning in mid-to-late August 2018. "What's a Play Course," you ask? Each week you will bid and play eight prepared hands of the type you will face each week at your local bridge club. After bidding each hand, you’ll be given the contract to play (just in the unlikely event that you fail to reach the optimum contract). Then, you will play each hand after which we will thoroughly discuss the bidding, play, opening lead and other issues associated with the hand. In other words, we’ll deal with real bridge problems as they arise.

In most courses you concentrate on a particular convention or topic all day long, and the sample hands are geared toward that topic as a matter of necessity. But you may not face those types of hands for days or weeks to come. In addition to that, one of the most important things you can learn is how to take hands one by one as they arise, and figure out the proper bidding and play sequences. So in broad terms, that's what a Play Course is designed to do.

If time permits, each week we will also hold a mini-lesson on a specific convention or topic.

This course will be for intermediate players who are at least somewhat comfortable with point count evaluation, basic bidding, and the concept of forcing and non-forcing bids. We'll certainly mention each of those, but will not spend a lot of time on those basic topics. If this sounds like it might be of interest to you please let me know.

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