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Spring 2012 NABC Report
the Vu-Bridge way:

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Vu-Bridge Embedded
How to add a page with a Vu-Bridge Embedded Player:
How to add a page with a Vu-Bridge Embedded Player:

If the hand you want to show is already part of a Vu-Bridge series, please send me an email with the Series ID and title, and the board number. I will return a text file with 6 lines of HTML code to add to your page.

In Bridgewebs Web Admin add a "New News Page", for example, 'Vu-Bridge Hand'. Then, go to [Menu] - [View] and click on this News Item, add a Title.

Now click View Source' under the Bridgewebs Editor and paste the source HTML code, similar to above, in the text panel. Change the source link to suit the desired hand then click 'Save'. Et voilą!...

If you want to add a hand of yours with your own comments, ask me: I'll send you a word text template to fill up and in return I will create the hand for you.

Vu-Bridge's Embedded Player demonstration

Very important notice: make sure you only have ONE such embedded player per page, otherwise it will take ages to load!