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Spring 2012 NABC Report
the Vu-Bridge way:

Click the picture to play NABC and Vanderbilt featured hands!

Vubridge Starter Kit

Vubridge Starter Kit
is for Total Beginners!

This would be a great gift for your grand childs!
Click here

Welcome to Vu-Bridge
Welcome to Vu-Bridge!
Welcome to Vu-Bridge!

This is only a demonstration site to show you the various ways you can "animate" interesting hands with a link to Vu-Bridge.

My name is Didier Lévy. I'm a retired IT consultant living in Portugal.

Therefore, please forgive me if there are spellings or grammar faults: nobody's perfect!

Contact: email me!
Call me: +1 321 248 6123 (USA)  Skype: vubridge

Vu-Bridge Sponsoring Programme

Let your member benefit from our sponsoring programme!
Just add these 2 links to your web site's home page*:

  • Vu-Bridge "Hand of the Week":
    Interesting hands to play online, from world famous authors like Bobby Wolff, David Bird, Eddie Kantar and counting
  • Vu-Bridge Beginner's Corner:
    Give beginners tips, quizzes and practice hands to play from home

When you add these links your club will receive free 6 month subscriptions** to V-Green (for Intermediate to Advanced Players) and V-Blue (for Beginners).

It is then up to you to organize a Vu-Bridge monthly tourney with these subscriptions as prizes :-)

* You don't need any particular IT skills: just ask Bridgewebs to upgrade your website to the latest version (2.18x or higher), then go to the home page admin menu, click settings then options and scroll down to the Vu-Bridge section.

** As long as you maintain the Vu-Bridge links on your home page, you will receive:

1 free V-Green subscription for 12 issues each January - March - May - July -September - November
1 free V-Blue subscription for 12 issues each February - April - June - August - October - December


Vu-Bridge Beginner's Corner

Vu-Bridge (ACOL version)
choosen by the EBU!

Read more about the English Bridge Education Department and FREE V-Blue for all EBUTA Teachers: Click here

Click here to play

V-Blue - Almost 1000 hands to play - 48 Lessons - ACOL and Standard American versions available

Vu-Bridge Hand of the Week

New: Vu-Bridge Defender

Click here to play free hands

V-Green e-Newsletter: improve your Bridge skills - all levels

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